Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday From My Garden, and Farmer's Market And Thank You Dear Husband for the MOST AWESOME Camera!

Yesterday I sat in my back yard and drew and painted this patio scene... and then I took my new camera and played with close ups...I could not stop myself from clicking away...
they are jewels...dancing...
a ballet of beauty...
I just know you can smell the honey suckles...
and the figs are popping out all over the tree that got so extremely pruned...
color trumpets loudly shouting to be seen and heard...
Can you see why I could not stop clicking away?
I can hear your gasps...watching the transformation! And then there are hollyhocks...
This bouquet was captured by this lucky lady at the Farmer's Market last Saturday...
As were these wonderfully bright sunflowers...
Don't they just beg you to smile?
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday all!


  1. Beautiful pictures!!!
    What camera did you got??


  2. Beautiful!--yes! What is the camera??

  3. lovely, but i always thought your pictures were quite beautiful. i like the way the bouquet is wrapped in newspaper.

  4. Wow, that is one awesome cameras. I gotta go tell my DH about

  5. All so beautiful! That husband is a keeper for sure!

  6. Beautiful, lovely, magnificant! What camera did the lucky woman get?!!

  7. Love the charming water color and the flowers, but where was Henry for his close up :-)? Please name the camera. xoxo

  8. Love your painting. So glad you are painting again. Seems you only paint in the summer time. Love your new camera. Love how it captures every detail. That Lily of the Nile looks very sensual opening up like that. Great capture.

  9. I think that often it's the operator of the camera that counts. As Suki said,,you've always taken beautiful photos.
    You have the eye for it.
    I Absolutely can feel joy pouring out of those sunflowers!

  10. Thanks all...I appreciate the acknowledgement of the photographer, but I did get extra help from the new Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ100 (with it's 24X optical zoom and it's 14 megapixels.)
    DH did great research in making his selection. This is top of the line point and shoot (not SLR) so it is light weight, easy to hold and tote around...and easy to operate. Supposedly the videos are very good as well. Interestingly the picture quality was the least highly rated aspect, but I am VERY happy with it. A professional who reviewed it liked it better than the new Cannon of same quality. We got it through Amazon and at $100 less than list price. I'm happy with it as you can see.

    Annie, I'll add Henry to tomorrows blog just for you.

  11. super shots!! And I love blue agapanthus :)
    The white hollyhock is luminescent!

    Your camera sounds similar to mine.
    I have a Nikon PX90, very lightweight but I don't think I do this well on close-ups. Like you, I should read the manual!!

    beautiful Lynn!

  12. You've captured the essence of summer so artistically! Gorgeous!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  13. You brightened my day Lynn! It is a wonderful camera and great photography!

  14. I can see why you were happily snapping away with your new camera. Cameras are great companions. They like to get in there close to get great shots for us to dwell on.

  15. I am smiling!!! Hey...I love your watercolor painting...I need to learn how to apply the color part...I am enjoying doing pen drawings!!! You are such an inspiration to me!!! :)


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