Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Weeks Watercolors From the Twenty Minute Challenge

I've been quite faithful to my goal of doing at least a 20 minute watercolor daily since joining Teri C.'s blog: The Twenty Minute Challenge. This first painting honestly took over the 20 minutes, but I was trying to capture the flow of clothing hanging on back of my bathroom door and was determined to keep trying to get it right. This was my first attempt at the same subject. Now even though there are aspects here I like a lot, the top photo is more in perspective. One day this week I took my paints to work and painted between seeing clients in my office. This is the chair where I sit to talk to people.
I was just doodling with paint and then drew the flowers off a pillow in my office in black in on top of the dry paint.
We can call this one the Leaning Water Bottle of Rubbermaid!
And this was back home again painting while sitting on my back patio looking out
on the very over grown bushes and vines that are all entangled along the back fence
that you cannot even see because of all the foliage.
You can click to enlarge if you so choose!
I really am enjoying watching my ability to paint improve
even if in teeny tiny increments!
It's fun to do.
Maybe some of you will come to the blog I linked above
and join in the challenge!
This week I acquired my
100th follower!
Welcome Ann, and thank you and the other
99 people who have decided to follow my blog.
Special thanks to everyone who takes the time to leave
a comment and feedback.
I really appreciate your doing so
very very very much!


  1. This is such a great way to get better at anything!! My problem is that I know that I would cheat everyday--the 20 minutes would end up being at least an hour. But still, I should try this--I just love these little snippets of your life that you've made into art--what a great journal this would be.

  2. Lynn I just love the bra hanging on the bathroom door. It made me smile.I am up to my neck trying to sort all my crafty stuff into some sense of organiation. Easier said than done cos I have a lot of it, but I can't throw any of it away. Do you feel like that?

  3. i really like that top painting. i didnt know you were doing this daily. i am sure you will improve even more than you have. Bravo.

  4. I love that first one best. But you know its good to do the 20 minute challange but its also good to do some longer drawings too. You learn more from doing all kinds.

  5. Lynn, These are lovely, my favorite is the 2ND one of course because I am a wabi sabi kind of girl :-).

  6. Yah for you for taking the challenge and running with it!!

  7. I am always impressed with your painting skills. I so enjoy seeing your life in watercolors. It is fun to keep up that way. I got a laugh at the bra, too. So typical.

  8. I love the first one the best. You do so well with watercolor.

  9. Wow 100 followers!
    Your watercolors are great Lynn!
    I think you really have a style of your own, which is fabulous.
    Oh how I wish I could do something again.......
    Well another few weeks and then this mess will be over.

    Have a nice day dear:)

  10. ooh lala a black bra!!

    leave it to me to notice ;)

    I love the clothing paintings. I love the loosness of them both.

    I'll never catch up but at least5 you know I was here! Oh, and I love the partial chair. Wonderful stuff Lynn!


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