Friday, September 23, 2011

A Perfect Morning at Lagoon Valley Park

I got up early this morning and drove out to the park in Lagoon Valley. I wanted to sit where the ducks and geese hung out. I wanted to paint a picture with life in it. It could not have been a more perfect day.I sat out there soaking in the beautiful surroundings, the perfect temperature, the beautiful scene.
I set up my chair and paints.

 and watched the geese and the ducks enjoying themselves on their island, then in the water, and THEN they all came to visit me!!! Just marched off the island and out of the water and came to say hi, what are you doing? Are you an artist? Are you drawing us and our habitat? "Yes!" I said, I am an artist and I am drawing you is it okay? "Honk, honk, honk" they said, which I took to mean sure, why not? We are easy going ducks.
 My new friend Karen showed up about an hour and a half into my painting process and she set up her easel deciding to stay in ducks land too.
 I loved watching her paint with oil, using her paint spreader, (it has another name but it escapes me just now) she even let me try it on her canvas. She is a font of art information!!! And she seems to like sharing it with me for which I am much appreciative.
 So we drew and painted and enjoyed the view and the ambiance. Karen thought perhaps we might go to Calistoga next Friday and practice painting there after we scope out the environs. She also agreed to go to the Paint Out in October and share my cottage with me! Hey, I have a new friend and it is grand!
 And this is what I did today!
Tell me what you think! I appreicate all feedback, suggestions, and kudos.  ;-)


  1. Pallet knife. Thats what thing she used is called. :) What a lovely spot to paint and your painting is cute. I loved all the photos. I loved getting to see what K was painting too. So nice you have a painting buddy. Makes it a lot more fun.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your artist day out. I think you are a magician to be able to make your paints behave so well. Very vivid colors and lovely paint.
    And Karen, I could smell the oil paints. What a luxury. My Grandmother painted with oil paints.

  3. I think this would also look fab if you added some stitch to it too ....what a wonderful place to paint ...x

  4. such a wonderful place to ponder and paint..... you seem to be enjoying yourself and i love the color in your painting... how lovely to have someone to accompany you on your adventures! i, myself, am a loner by nature and cannot see myself "out there" amongst the questions and patience i suppose but it is interesting to watch your progress and the fun you have with your new source of inspiration....keep posting, it's quite fun to read about and SEE. ;) xx

  5. you know what? i think it's good! as you keep doing it you'll get better and better I think. I find plein air painting SO difficult! glad you have a friend to do this with - that's the best

  6. Looking good Lynn.
    One suggestion: if you want the distance to look like it is distant, paint it lighter. Otherwise it looks like all one plane. Well, you asked. :)

  7. You're getting there. How fun that you have someone to paint with. I'll bet you will learn a lot from her.

  8. Yes, Teri I asked and I appreciate the info on art!!! Well remember this for when I want to make the background be in the distance as well this was!!!!

    Pallet Knife, yes, Cris, thanks for that info too.

    Artymess...I have been away from stitches for a bit...but never fear I shall return.

    linda, I too like painting on my lonesome...but having a friend to chat with inbetween is great.

    Mim, practicing is getting me used to being out there; and I do hope by next year we can all say I am so much better than I am now.

    Becky, thanks so much for your comments.

    Katie Jane, I am learning from her and she is so generous with her teachings.

  9. Beautiful setting and so cute about the ducks-and your painting is great! Thank you for your comment, too.

  10. This is magical and a great interpretation of the scene in front of you.

  11. Beautiful painting! I admire your skill. Lagoon Valley is such a great park.
    BRT Insights hiking at Lagoon Valley Park 29dec2011.


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