Sunday, January 8, 2012

Henry on Wicker

Last night I drew Henry from this photo of him on the wicker chair on the back patio.
I bring the photo up on my computer monitor screen and draw from it.
I painted it with "Transparent Watercolours" (flat paints by Talong)
I used both ink and felt tip pens to draw and paint it as well.
Unfortunately, I drew and painted this in my drawing book on 90 lb paper.
I should have done it on 140 lb watercolor paper.
The lighter paper curls up on the edges with water.
Next time I'll think ahead!

 This photo was taken inside the house without a flash.
 And this on was taken outside. I thought the lighting made for interesting differences in colorization.
A lazy Sunday at our house!
What's up at yours?
Henry says hi!


  1. This is wonderful Lynn, the painting and the photo, but of course it is Henry! Kisses.

  2. Henry turned out cute. Which one is truer.. the one taken outside or in.. color wise that is. :) Henry makes a great subject. :))

  3. Hi Henry. Your Momma made you look quite handsome sitting on that chair. Here we went birding this morning and will watch ballgames this evening. A beautiful day here. Warmer than normal but nto too warm and the sun has been out most of the day.

  4. Henry is wonderful - and I like your painting of him. He has the typical cat face in that picture.

  5. I painted all day yesterday but it was the shed.......So no lazy day ;)
    This painting of Henry has turned out great!
    This is how a Sunday should be like you mentioned in your comment. But there will be other Sundays I guess.
    I enjoyed yesterday though.

    Have a good week♥

  6. It was so good to be able to visit again, now that I "hope" my computer is fixed. It was also fun catching up on many of your posts. Henry is SO handsome. And he's not fat like Bleubeard is this winter.

    Love your new blog banner. It sure made a splash in my books! Happy belated new year, too.

  7. Excellent painting of the boy!
    I love how his expression makes him appear to be so bored and above all the fuss.
    I love that about cats,,,,they are just sooo cool about it all.

  8. hello henry. you're looking handsomely aloof!

    keep it up, lynn, ms inspiration.


  9. I love the look on his face!


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