Friday, January 6, 2012

Plein Air Day at the Lagoon Again...Trees!

I cannot tell you what an absolutely perfectly gorgeous day it was today where I live.
The sun shone, the air was fresh and clear, the sky bright blue, and the temperature like spring.
Why are we skipping winter this year?
It was perfect for going outside to draw and paint.
When I saw these kids swinging from a tire on a chain from this tree on top of this hill
I was ready to go!
I drew first in black PITT pen; then used watercolors, and later brown fine tipped pen.
I hope this captures the mood of the late afternoon.

These trees, three of six that were there were great for a quick drawing in the last 20 minutes of the day. There was more opportunity for capturing shadows, but I got what I could in that time frame so I can post it later on the TMC blog. ;-) I used  a brown fine tipped ZIG Artist Sketching Pen, alcohol based permanent ink,  that I picked up in Fort Bragg at Racine's Stationery store.

I drew earlier at the cafe over lunch. And will share them with you on a later post. I hope everyone is having fun being creative.
Enjoy your weekend where ever you are!


  1. Looks like you were out enjoying the fine weather. :) Love the three trees. Good choice doing it in brown tones. Fun top drawing with the kids out playing on the tire. We've been having a mild winter here so far too. I am enjoying it tho. :)

  2. Hi Lynn , I have not popped in here for a little while, been a bit busy over the holiday period. Wish I could say the same about the weather here but it has been awful. Rain, wind and cold. See that you are still keeping up with your drawing and painting. I can see from your works that you enjoy it very much.
    Have a happy new year.

  3. We had a 60degree day here yesterday. Unheard of during a normal winter. This year has been marvelous weather-wise so far. Your painting did capture the feel of the day. I wish that I had been out swinging on a tire swing instead of installing at work.

  4. Nice drawings...loved the first one more! The Fun spirit is completely captured in the drawing.

  5. My Dad used to say Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or die.

    I would change that to do and live in the gloriousness of mild weather.


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