Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Patty And Lynn(ie) Celebrate

It's a bi-cultural celebration when my childhood friend Patty and I get together
this time of year to exchange gifts for her Christmas and my Chanukah
(and her birthday!)
 A mid morning snack with tea and the unveiling or unwrapping of a plethora of gifts we glean for each other over the year is enjoyed with much talking and laughter and hugs of appreciation.
 Patty collects snow globes, mostly Christmas Snow Globes so this year I found her two of these, far left and far right, plus one not shown with photos of the two of us in it; AND this little cupie doll in a snow globe all it's own (found someones ETSY store). Patty also collects cupie dolls so what a feat this was finding the two together! Patty, not to be out done gave me a Chanukah snow globe with the pretty blue and gold dreidle in it, that when wound up plays Hava Negila!
 After we opened all our wondrous gifts (and there was way more believe me) we took ourselves down town to the bakery for our favorite Almond Torte and Gelato!
 These photos are probably getting redundant for some of you long time followers as I do believe we have done the exact same thing several years in a row now.

 One of Patty's gifts to me was so so funny (to us). I am always misplacing my cell phone. it can be gone missing for weeks at a time. So Patty bought me this beautiful red paten leather cell phone case by Liz Claiborne. The joke however was that on this day like many before it I did not know where my cell phone was! It had yes, gone missing again!

 I did find it later buried deep in the bottom of my back pack...and now it is in it's new  home safe and sound. The strap and color should keep it from escaping yet another time...or so we hope.

One other very lovely gift was this beautiful looks like hand made art journal with it's fabric cover and loosely bound pages of brown paper that lay flat for writing and drawing.

I had fun using it immediately saving the memories of
another Very Special Day
with my best friend since infancy
Thank you dear friend for being YOU.
And being HERE.
And hanging in there with ME.
(70.5 years!)


  1. Your relationships are very deep and fulfilling. The gifts are lovely. I would love to go have an almond tart and gelato with you. YUMMM.

  2. lovely! I love the snow globes - how clever to find these all. and the gelato and tart look awesome, as do you both

  3. I dont mind reading about your wonderful friendship every year. It warms my heart. Beautiful.

  4. I know you realize that her friendship is the best gift of all. You are mightly blessed. Love that journal. Makes me want to make a new one.

  5. What a special bond you two have. Its aways fun to see the photos of when you get together and what you find for each other. I never get tired of it. I'm with Suki. :))

  6. Doing the same things over and over is never boring when the company is this good! Witnessing it isn't either.
    Not a lot of people, I don't think, are blessed with a friendship such as this.I know you're grateful.

  7. What a wonderful friendship you two have and how lovely to celebrate each year. The gifts look marvellous especially the journal and the snow globe. My daughter collects snow globes too.


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