Monday, August 20, 2012

Brother Visits, Flowers Bloom

 On Sunday my brother came up for a visit. He came to play cards, our usual pastime together. DH doesn't like to play games so I rely on my brother for this entertainment. And entertained we are!
We play Spite and Malice (a sort of double solitaire game that becomes quite cut throat!) He won the first two out of three hands. I won the second two out of three. We broke for dinner; and then decided to watch TV and settle the tie another time.

While they were watching an old Willie Nelson (2007) concert I sat on the loveseat facing them, back to the TV and drew them both.  I was still able to enjoy the music. That's DH on the left and Bro on the right. I painted this later and will post it another time.


This beautiful flower below is always a surprise visitor attached to the green succulent plant on the left. It's full of texture and interesting design don't you agree? Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. Hi! Good morning, Lynn! I didn't know that kind of flower. It's strange and very pretty!
    I love your drawings very much. You know, I come here, to your blog, every day. You really inspire me!

    Have a good day!

  2. Wow what a bloom. I have not even seen the plant before let alone this bloom. The brothers sketch show how much they resemble each other. HCM.

    1. Lisa, you have been taken in by these men's likeness to each other, however, they are not related by blood, just by my marriage to my husband. Bro is only MY brother! But even family members who see them together remark on the resemblance and sometimes mistake one for the other! It's funny.

  3. Love the sketch and so glad you got to enjoy the music! Great plant as well interesting texture!

  4. Another great sketch. Its funny how much your hubby and YOUR brother look like they should be brothers. :) Love the cactus. They can sure surprise us with fun flowers. You two crack me up on the card game matches. You do seem to win more so he must be practicing. :))

  5. wonderful sketch and I love that flower!!! wow...never ever seen anything like it!!!!

  6. Love the " brothers". And that flower is so amazing, just waiting to be painted

  7. I have seen that flower before but can't think of the name. I think I remember that it has a bad smell. big help I am. It is so pretty.
    I think your two guys look alike because of the beards.


  8. What a great cacti! I haven't seen one that looks like that before. I love how you capture these moments that could otherwise just pass by...

  9. That flower is amazing. Cacti and their flowers always look so sturdy and substantial, don't they? That flower almost doesn't look real...

    Love your drawing! I do that in the evenings, too--sit and draw and just listen to whatever's on TV... How wonderful that you got DH and brother together!

  10. I love the fact that even though you and I live MILES and MILES apart our 'cactus with the amazing flower' always flowers at the same time!!!
    Take care


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