Monday, August 13, 2012

Cacti For Old Time Sake and Figs in Crayon and Watercolor

For old time sake I revisited this monster cacti here in town and shot a few photos as it is
just starting to bloom...for "Cactus Monday"!
 Maybe these already did and I missed the show?

I love this shot which is only half the plant with the shadows falling across it.

Someone posted paintings of their veggies yesterday which inspired me to draw and paint my figs. (I apologize for not remembering who, maybe Gloria or Sharon?)
The figs are overly ripe now and I was amazed at just how many shades of purple they were, but also saw reds, oranges, yellow and green on them. I decided to use my crayons again to get more shades.

and then I used watercolors to splash more purple on top. I just love how the water and wax intertwine with each other.


  1. Beautiful!! When you showed your figs last week I felt the colors were very inspirational!! Good job!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. WOWZERS, those cacti pix are gorgeous!!!!!

    HCM for old times sake :)

  3. What a cool cactus. My neighbor has a strange cactus in her house. It almost looks like a plastic one but its real. I need to photograph it...and well done on your bowl of figs. Makes me want to pick one up and peel it for the ripe fruit inside.

  4. I love Cactus Mondays! Wish there were more in my neighbourhood...I guess I should have photographed a 100 while I was in Santa Fe and saved them! NEXT TIME!
    A-ha-ha! The one you photographed is gorgeous...the blooms so lush! I always find it amazing that something so *stiff and prickly* can produce such gorgeous flowers!

    YUMMY....Figs are MY FAVOURITE FRUIT! (And not because of their colour!) I adore the taste.... beautiful sketch!

    HCM Monday!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. I love that topmost photo of the cacti blooms, so very pretty... And your figs look just great set against the aqua plate!

  6. We are in Oregon and have two fig is a Desert King and the fruit is so sweet that I was also inspired by them...this is my fig art Our figs are green,however, sadly they are not a lovely shade of purple like yours.

  7. I see Jan, from Dandelion and Daisy visited you....I wonder if you would love encaustics as much as she does? You like the effect of wax and watercolor. Have you done this before? I can't remember.

    1. Julie, I took a workshop at Art and Soul a year or so ago with Judy Wise in encaustics. I love the way it looks but never got round to setting up the needed tools to actually use it. If I had a more approprieate workshop other than our family room (where I do/did my sewing of art quilts) I may have sauntered into that area of art making. Now with mostly drawing and painting I can do it on my computer desk, in my recliner, on my patio table and in places in the community so I no longer feel deprived in studio room.

  8. Your figs looks delicious! I love the purple shades!!!

  9. Such beautiful photos and lovely paintings, this post has it all.


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