Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friday and Saturday Peeps

On Saturday we stopped in at the bakery for lunch. They are serving Lox and Cream Cheese on a bagel now for $4.95. Such a deal. And on pumpkin seed bagel it was delicious (with tomato too!)

This young family was enjoying a repast. That baby was so loved and so cute with rosy fat cheeks. Going back and forth between his parents laps.
It was sweet to see.
The previous evening we sat out in the plaza after a meal out watching more little guys
running around and playing on the big wooden rocking horses, the teeter todders, and merry-go- round.
Guess who else got on a rocking horse?
I chose a red one! tee hee

This young couple was sitting on a bench across from ours. Not sure what they thought of the old gal mounting the horse, but they were so into each other they probably didn't even notice.

We were all having fun!

Paint and pens bleed through this thin brown paper journal
so I am using pretty papers and tags to cover up the mess.

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  1. Wonderful as always! Lunch sounds so good!

  2. some journals work better than others. I like the paper. I really like how your drawing is evolving.

  3. Like the look of your brown paper journal say the paint/pens bleed through, but that gives a great opportunity for looks so good.

  4. Love your wonderful observational regarding that ride him cowgirl and have fun, x

    1. I did Netty and it felt good, and it was FUN!!! I will never grow truely OLD!


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