Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Henry's Nemisis; Birds Do it Bees Do it...on Animal Wednesday

 Behind our back fence resides a very very tall dog. He'd pass for a small bear or a pony as we see him walk slowly past the slats in the fence. Henry loves to aggravate this dog by going up to this pushed out slat and batting at it, hissing, I guess his plan is to frighten said huge dog away. The dog barks a few times then both leave I think feeling as though each has established his turf.

Tonight Big Dog was watching US (my DH and I) as we sat in our lawn chairs beneath our three huge redwood trees after having had dinner on the patio while Henry V continues to mark off his territory in our back yard.

 All the while other creatures like this bird sit in this tree top minding his own business; or the two doves below get on with procreating their progeny.

Meanwhile large Dog continues to watch us, watching him and praying that slat never breaks loose
or there will be no more Henry V.

 Nice Doggie!
And Happy Animal Wednesday!

Another hummer caught in mid air flutters

And it definitely looks like it just might rain? We've been having temps in the triple digits!
This makes no sense at all.
But it is pretty!


  1. Love your photos Lynn. Hope Big Dog stays behind the fence!, he looks like a labrador, brown version.

  2. I can just see Henry fussing at the dog next door. The dog would probably like to join you and Fred for supper. :) HAW.

  3. Lynn, I love the wonderful combination of those photos and your words! Well done!
    Those *X-rated* Dove scenes were great! Ah, sex on the rooftops! FABULOUS Shot of the Hummer mid-flight!!!!!! WOW!

    The Saga of *Big Dog and the King* continues..... I hope foe a long time...(but please keep checking on the condition of that fence, ok)? I am not sure - but I think Ann my be right.....he could be a lab. (Like my Bofie...) As for King Henry V.....why, it is his royal duty to survey his kingdom! And he does it so well!!! Oh that face..... je adore!



    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. oh spooky.. Having eyeballs looking thru the fence at you like that.. LOL. Yep he would like to join you for supper.. with Henry as his main dish.. lol I think I would be making sure my side was well boarded up. All great shots. HAW Its getting HOT here.. All your hot air from down there is coming up here tomorrow and Friday.. Gonna be HOT HOT HOT.

  5. oh yes, looks pretty scary... but bet big dog, is a sweetie... except where cats are concerned... lol

  6. A fantastic post, Lynn - an illustrated tale of tails, and bills & cooing!

  7. Love the dog peeking through the fence. And all the fantastic photos!


  8. This really makes me realize how different your climate is from ours. The doves here would not be starting a new brood at this late date.

  9. so sorry about the birds... you can turn it down by scrolling to the bottom and manually adjusting the sound or changing the volume on your computer, at any rate, thanks so much for stopping by!


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