Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Denver Flowers and Denver Art Gallery day 5 and 6 travels with Lynn

 I captured this beauty in my cousins front walkway...I hadn't realized the bee was there until I saw the photo later on the computer!
This hibiscus is so huge it knocked my eyes out with its astounding beauty!

We drove into town to visit the Denver Art Museum...
 The building was a piece of art in itself!

We like the art of Remington and Charlie Russell and they had an exhibit of their works on display.

 My DH is especially enamoured of Charlie Russell.

 His sculptures are beyond beautiful too.

 The cowboy on the horse at night was particularly outstanding as the moonlight lit up the horse while the man remained in night shadows. My photo does not do it justice unfortunately.

 Barb and I went on to see the Textile Art and we were bowled over by the amazing pieces on display there.
This is just part of a huge wedding scene of appliqued pieces with tiny details of seed beads. I could not drag myself away from it.
 Barb wanted to hang this next one made from woven paper in her entry way. Again it was mind boggling art.
 I still cannot believe the detail of this piece all free motion machine sewn. Simply awesome!
 This wonderful piece below is all made of paper! I apologize to all the artists as I not think to collect names, while being overwhelmed with all their amazing creativity.
 Three dimensional free style sewn piece below again...min boggling good!
 This beaded shawl was in the Alaskan display.
 We then walked over the the Contemporary Art exhibit and my cousin introduced me to the amazing art by Vance Kirkland. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We sat and stared at it for a long time. Apparently he hung from a sling hooked to the ceiling to paint this piece.

Again, I don't know the author, Joan I believe was her first name...I liked her faces.

I liked the colors against the black background, and also because I had seen an authentic beaded vest like the one he is wearing in the painting at a museum the day before in Wyoming!

We ended the day by picking up home made ice cream to take back to the house. I broke my six day fast of now sugar (and was I sorry afterwards). The ice cream was delicious, but my hypoglycemic body said NO NO NO again! Do I ever learn? NO NO NO I do not. But I am back on my no sugar regime today!

We sure are enjoying our stay in Denver!


  1. Denver, one of my favorite places. I am glad you are enjoying it too. I bet seeing all that art makes you itchy to be doing some art.

    1. Lisa I am drawing every day on this trip and painting too. Seeing so much

  2. Love the sort of looks like a modern day Castle Fortress! As for the art.....wonderful - all of it... I like Remington and Charlie Russell's iconic work. I can *sorta* see the Moonlight on the Cowboy's White Horse... that had to be stunning.

    All the textured pieces are amazing too! I can *feel* your mind racing with ideas!!! A-ha-ha!

    You ARE having a grand time in Denver!! Thank you for sharing with us!


    ♥ Robin ♥

    1. roin we are having the time of our lives!

  3. what a trip in both meanings of the word. you know, eating the ice cream...maybe it was needed to really point out how much better you feel not. love the western art too.

  4. amazing art! what a fun trip this looks like

  5. You must be having a great time. Wonderful flowers and art.

  6. I won't be able to resist the ice creams too! Looks like an amazing trip in Denver! Wow! We don't get to see much of Native American art in England. I think they're amazing.

  7. All looks wonderful. I know you are having the time of your life. Love that you are getting to see museums. Love what looks like a door mat.. with just legs and the dog. :)) Cute.


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