Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Independence Rock on Animal Wednesday

 We have had nothing but perfectly wonderful weather in our travels... This day in Wyoming we enjoyed a brisk walk around Independence Rock. An important land mark of the thousands of people who traveled the Oregon Trail. We found many names and dates scratched into the rocks dating back to the early 1800's!
 There are some delightful animals who live there year round...lots of furry rabbits...
 And beautiful prong horned antelope...
 We tracked some by their tracks where we were walking...
 DH is in awe of the history here and fills me with stories of the past as if he too were among those early settlers.
 Hi, are you having a good day too?
 The colors of foliage is so varied and beautiful. I am in camera heaven.
 It's a nice long walk around this huge mound of rock, with it's lovely curves and crevasses.
Such art forms wonderful to behold! I hope you are enjoying this with us. We like sharing with you.


  1. I enjoyed this so much, mother nature is truly the best artist! I love the deer have white heart shaped bottoms!!

  2. Haw and yes, I am enjoying ever post about your vacation. You are seeing so many beautiful new sights to inspire your creativity.

  3. What a cool Jack Rabbit. Haven't seen one of those in years. Great photos of your sights.

  4. Looks like piles of inspiration on your travels!! Love that cool!! Glad you are having a great time!

    Hugs Giggles


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