Sunday, October 21, 2012

Great Weekend!

 We went to watch both our grand kids play soccer. We literally stood between the two field where they played. GS is second from left in top and out front below. The boys team ended in a tied score. GS's team remains undefeated till now.
 GD scored two goals for her team. (in red) and they beat the other team by a huge margin!
 Cute seeing all the kids so intent on their games.
 Later we took them out for ice finally celebrate their birthday (that was in September). This was the first year they did not have a 'family' party so we decided to have our own!
 We took our ice cream over to my brothers house which was near by and the oldsters and the youngsters made decorated sun visors for the occasion.
 Grunkle R. had fun too. (his new version of great uncle)
 We all got silly on the sugar I guess and it was fun.
 I made a yellow visor, but DH obviously gets the prize for being the silliest!

A fun time was had by all.


  1. I am chuckling.. Love your DHs hat.. LOL This is the first time I've noticed the resemblance of YOU and Your Brother..its the eyes. Wow.. Looks like everyone was in a great mood. I also can see how much your GS looks like his Dad and your GD her mom. Thanks for making me Smile. :))

  2. what a lovely day. your bro and your DH look at lot alike too.

  3. I can feel the fun way over here.

  4. The whole time I kept wondering what was on dh's glasses. Love the silliness, and your adorable grands!! Grunkle and dh look like twins!! lol So cute!

    Hugs Giggles


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