Saturday, October 20, 2012

She Loved It!

 Cecelia, Carlos' Mom, showing a friend/customer the art quilt I made her
Photos taken by Carlos on his iPhone 
I went into Taco Jalisco's, the family run restaurant I go to draw at twice weekly. On this day I brought Cecilia the art quilt I made for her and her family! Her reaction was more than I could have imagined, her smile was huge! It was obvious to me that she loved it.

She showed it to customers who came in too. Here are two of them. The woman in pink above told me after "Very beautiful work!"

They said they wanted to hang it there in the restaurant. I am so pleased.  If you look closely on the top photo in the back on the wall you can see two of Carlos' paintings. The second and third wall hangings from the left. I'll have to take some better photos of them soon. He and I are discussing the idea of showing and selling our art there in the not too far future.

In case you missed the original post about the art quilt you can see it here, or if you just want to see the quilt up close again!

More About Carlos:
Carlos, as I've said before, is a young artist (24) and a film actor. He recently completed acting in a documentary called Bracero Brothers, which I saw for the first time today on YouTube.
Here is the link:  Carlos plays the character called Humberto and his  name in the credits is Carlos Alfredo Jr. I learned a lot of interesting history that I was not familiar with watching this short film. It lead me to some other YouTube films about the same history (Mexican American Immigration and Labor Laws) the problems the Mexican farm workers faced in the years just after I was born.
The film is called Bracero Brothers in case my link does not work. Just go to YouTube and put in that title. And enjoy "meeting my friend, Carlos!"

What a wonderful day it was for me at Taco Jalisco with the family there!


  1. Now this is sooo exciting! LOVE the wuilt and I can sure see they did too. Having your work displayed there will be such FUN. Congrats and enjoy- I know how you feel right now. xxxx

  2. Im not surprised that they loved that quilt, it is amazing.

  3. I am a bad friend, look at all you have done and I haven't come to even just say hello. No excuses!!!! So I went back to see all you have done, Oh My, you have been a busy girl. I am so sorry you got sick on your wonderful trip. It happens, but not fun. Your drawings are as always wonderful, I just love all the detail. Remember, I have no excueses, BUT, we have been working on the Loft, and Arney had eye surgery, it seems like everytime I get on the computer the phone rings. Or I am working on Ancestry. It is Bazaar season at our church, I made tags and I am helping Arney texture walls. Now I went and done it.....all these reason:( Big Hugs Sweet Friend, Mary

  4. Like Mim, I am NOT surprised the Jalisco Family - and all the customers loved your quilt! It is brimming with warmth and comfort - just like Jalisco's!

    I hope you and Carlos DO make some room for a *Gallery Wall* to sell art! A great idea!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. You can tell she really truly was touched and love it. Love how others were holding it and putting in their input. How fun if you do get your work hung there..Good things are happening. Carlos sounds like a great Artist himself and Friend too. Happy for you!!!

  6. Hey, this is like old home week here. All our original bloggers group has come to visit me here to day at one time. Welcome and thanks! and hugs all around!

  7. This is so lovely. You are so talented and gracious to share your talent with others.

  8. How glad they loved it!!! Great idea selling art in there!! People may come in and see themselves on the could attract a whole new scene. Very cool idea.... I will take a peek at that video on tuesday!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Lynn, Suki said it best. I totally agree!
    And I do hope you and Carlos share a wall :)

  10. Oh Lynn, what an incredible gift to them... and what an incredible piece of art too! It would be so exciting for you and Carlos to show your art in the restaurant - you're becoming like part of the family:-)


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