Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holding On To Joy in the midst of Sad Sunday

 This was taken on the first night of Chanukah in our town square. Our grand kids and kids and my brother were with us. It was a time of celebration and joy for the miracle of light! I want to keep the warmth of that light in my heart today even while I am crying in grief for the terrible terrible losses in Newtown, Conn. I offer this light also in tribute to those who lost their lives...

My grand kids adorned their favorite toy animals and we took photos of them to put in little frames they found and wanted.
 We connected via Face Time on the iPad with more grand children who live further away, so cousins
got to be with cousins and grand parents got to entertain our first and fifth grandchildren from afar.
 Allie Bel loved hearing the music and seeing her grandpa sing and play for her on his guitar!

 We all made art together!
 We enjoyed stories of Chanukah before bedtime! I love reading to my grand kids!
 My brother and my husband enjoyed a chat on a bench at Town Square!
 On the day of the shooting we went to visit my Uncle Harry and Aunt Mimi. DH shared his recent fossil finds and Mimi and I colored and drew. We did our best to focus on love and light in our hearts and in being able to be with each other.

The week or so before my best friend Patty and her husband, Bob, came to visit to see our photos from our end of summer road trip. I treasure my life long friendship with Patty, and I enjoy her dear husband's company too.

My heart fills with love of family and friends, and our cat, Henry V who cuddles with our huge stuffed dog we keep at our house for the kids to enjoy.

Last night, the eighth and final night of Chanukah, Carlos came by to spend five more hours helping me with the final phase of my book getting it ready for publication. It was his first Chanukah!

I thought of posting a black square today to show how dark my heart felt over the tragedy in Conn.
But then I thought of all the love I also had in my heart, the family and friends who make up my life,
including all of you who visit me here on my blog; that it felt life reaffirming to instead show that love in all it's glory that surrounds us every day that we are here on earth.

I hope you find this like a warm hug, a reminder for you too of what is good in life, even while we all go through this difficult time.


  1. {warm hug across the miles} Thanks for sharing your light my dear. :)

  2. Beautiful post Lynn.
    Indeed sometimes it is a struggle but I guess it is better to let hope love and light prevail , . You have indeed so much to be grateful for and you help others more with a hug than a black box. I know the feeling dear :(
    take care and hugs to you too

  3. And a big hug to you! The families of those lost in this senseless tragedy have been in our thoughts. I cannot express how grateful I am to have my children and my family safe and close. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family.

  4. Times like this remind us of what is most precious to us. You have expressed it well. Big hugs.

  5. yes, i echo, a beautiful post. you share your love and warmth with so many people. blessings to you all, suki

  6. Beautiful post. So much love and light here. Its good to dwell on the joy of life and not the sad. You have much to be thankful for.

  7. Delicious photos. I think the cat is completely happy. Greetings.

  8. There is evil in the world, but there is also light and happiness and so much more of it! Hugs to you too!

  9. beautiful, lynn. honoring your family, creating light, giving thanks: all this combats the dark days. you know i'm sad too, deeply, and i am doing the same thing you are.


  10. Glad you enjoyed your Chanukah. I love lighting my candles too, and we so need light in this world to counteract all the awful things that happen, and to give us hope that the light will win! Valerie

  11. beautiful post Lynn, just beautifully said.

  12. Yes, a beautiful post Lynn...Light and Love do help keep us all strong...You are surrounded by Love - with family and friends (like us) who adore you, your art, your loving heart - and of course King Henry - who looks PURRFECT in that *Royal* Fur *blankie*.....

    Love and Light,

    ♥ Robin ♥


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