Monday, December 17, 2012

Art At Our Visit

 Poor Uncle Harry looks like he stayed in the tanning booth too long. I colored these with marking pens, and not watercolor ones, so when I got home and took brush to water they did "paint", but they ran too. So here I bare my soul and my mistakes~
Aunt Mimi seemed to really enjoy coloring with the marking pens on a "stained glass" coloring book I brought her. She has pretty severe dementia, but this day she was alert and focused. This gave her something to do. She is quite the perfectionist so when she started getting tired, after an hour of coloring, she went outside the lines. She complained that she was making a mess. When I told her our goal was just to have fun, and going outside the lines was OK she looked at me and smiled, and went back to coloring.


  1. What a great idea on the coloring book for Mimi. Its a great way of relaxing and making the time fly. Some great drawings of the moment here.

  2. I love this post and the story of Mimi's coloring.
    Hugs to yu and warm, warm wishes this winter season !

  3. Your sketches are like diary entries. Wonderful!

  4. And you draw and paint, too! Wow. Love the story about Mimi's coloring. Reminds me of the 2 childless great aunts I took care of. They lived to be 97 and 98. One was always a love and a hoot. The other one, well, she was easier to be around once I got her on Prozac. Oh the stories. So glad you've preserved and shared this one.


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