Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lazy Saturday a True Day of Rest

On Saturday we did a lot of nothing, catching up on rest after our jaunt to Oregon. DH needed more rest as he'd driven (I flew), and he went further north to visit friends in Seattle. On the way back he got to visit friends, Cris and Con in Roseburg, and Sam in Glide, OR. He was one tired guy when he finally got home.

I did this in primacolor black pen 005; then used my gauche paints.

I spent the bulk of my day on my iPad
catching up on blogs I had not visited in a few weeks
leaving comments
playing spite and malice on line with strangers
ordering my books for two friends who did not want to do so on line
updating my blog
reading on my Kindle app
drawing on my Paper app
What did I do
bought my

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Is it okay to brag a bit?
My book,
"One Fish Taco and Half an Order of Guacamole A Year of Drawing Over Lunch at Tacos Jalisco",
has sold (21) Twenty One copies as of Jan. 26th!

Check Blurb Coupons On Line for future discounts.
Make sure they  have not yet expired
and are not just for the author to use.
Most recent coupon has expired
for my use, unfortunately!


  1. Oh my, you do have a hard life! You'll be painting masterpieces on your ipad next like David Hockney. I've just got a tablet and tried drawing on it yesterday. Be perfect for your lovely people! And yet another challenge

  2. Goodness you have been busy! Travelling all the way up to Oregon. (you flew? - does your DH not like flying I wonder). We have ipad's and yes I know what you mean Lynn, how did we manage without them! We play Words With Friends (at the moment only between the two of us), only because I'm not sure how you add others on games, but husb. always seems to win! grrr. So pleased you have Sold so many copies of your book, it is certainly going well, good for you.

    1. Ann, he's not crazy about flying as he feels squished in the small space for seating; plus he wanted to also visit a close friend in Seattle. He's retired, and I had to return earlier to go back to work! I still have my day job!

  3. As always, you keep yourself entertained! Yes, one reason I havent ordered the book it I dont seen a little lock symbol on the order page which means it is secure. Also, I am waiting until I pay my current credit card bill for Jan. But soon I will order.

  4. busy busy and 21 copies sold, yahooooo!!!!

  5. not sure if you will see this on the previous post, but I tried to order your book using discount code of MYBOOKLOVE and they said i couldnt use this code for books i did not author.

    1. Oh darn it! The last code worked for anyone, try going on line to Blurb book coupons and see if they have other codes that might work. Or if you'd like I can order the book for you using that code and you can pay me. Just tell me which you want (hard cover, soft cover, or eBook), which shipping (I'd go with the least expensive ) and I can have it sent directly to you.) if you decide to do this send me your mailing address to I'm so glad you want a copy, Suki! Thanks!!

      This goes for anyone else who'd like to get that 20% discount. Just let me know! Lynn

  6. Love your post and your awesome painting! Truly captures the end of the day! Happy SS

  7. this is a wonderful sketch and it also holds memories for the two of you.

  8. That was quite a drive up and back for your DH. He needed the rest. It was nice of you to spend it with him. It was really nice we got to visit with him on his way home, but missed you. Annie missed you too. She went barking at the car wondering why you weren't getting out.. it was too funny. :)) Congrats on the sales of your book. I got mine yesterday and LOVE IT!!!! They did a great job in printing your sketches and paintings and the colors are fabulous. You Rock!! :)

  9. LOVE his hands and the way you sketched them!

    sounds like you LOVE your i pad....i need one of those!

    have a great weekend!

  10. I aodre yourdrawings, i really do...and your postings make me smile...I too hav espent my Sunday wandering around blogs and visiting many I hav e not been to in a long while....Congrtas on your book, you should brag!
    happy sunday!

  11. Great about your book and Lynn, oh..this sketch is so very good! So well captured that moment of giving in to total relaxation! Lovely!
    I am addicted to Wordfeud games on my phone.

  12. I love this - looks like my Dad after a heavy lunch!

    Congratz about your book :)

  13. Lazy days are so nice! You captured the essence wondrously.

    ♥ aquariann
    Art Update: Fantasy Mushroom Drawing

  14. Congratulations on the sales of your book. You must be so proud. I love this drawing of your husband. It is exactly how we spent yesterday. It felt so good to just relax.

  15. this is a beautiful sketch, you have captured pure exhaustion!

  16. You live a wonderful life! I love the perspective in the drawing. Was he surprised? Congratulations again!

  17. I'm thrilled that my blog was one that you visited while catching up! I envy your drawing skills/style. They say (who are 'they' anyway?:) everyone can draw and to a degree I suppose but left out is the 'how good' part - ha. I am married to an illustrator (not realistic) so maybe I could take lessons? Love your work!!

  18. Looks like DH is having a real nice snooze!! Good job. I have captured two people sleeping in this house!! Count that 22 as I just placed my order today!!
    I'm excited!! Have a great week!

    Hugs Giggles

  19. ha ha ha! I love this sleeping fellow - what a great pose! love the look of the hand all bent under like that. Neat!

  20. that sure was a lot of driving for your husband. lovely sketch to capture the day!

  21. I love the angle and perspective. I took me a minute to figure it out and then I laughed. So touching and human.

  22. I love this view of DH. It is great! Your drawing skills have improved by leaps and bounds over the past year! I'm so impressed with you and proud of you and excited for you!

  23. Congratulations on the sales Lynn, what a great result ! And it is not bragging, just normal and healthy happiness for having achieved a lovely goal :-)) Your sketch is awesome !

  24. Adorable hubby. . .gauche is my daughters choice too. Yes, what would we do w/o the iPad. . . I use mine as a kindle also. Blessings, Janet PPF

  25. Great drawing! Congrats on book sales!


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