Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Week In Art: Drawing, Painting and Art Quilting

Go back to last Sunday when I had a strong urge to get out and draw people!
I asked my DH and he agreed to accompany me to Starbucks in Dixon.
I go in get my latte, and this time a sandwich to share; I look around at whose there,
and find my models, then take a seat with a good vantage point for drawing them.

      These two guys were strangers to each other I believe, as later the guy on the rights woman friend arrived and he introduced her by saying "This is X...." I won't say his name in case he doesn't care to be outed here. I found it interesting that the older guy (white hair, bald) was the one with the motorcycle shirt and helmet. The younger guy had a computer and papers. Maybe they were talking about football. Who knows? My hearing isn't that good.


These two gals were sitting together across the room by a different wall. I can imagine an earlier conversation, may have happen through texting:

First Gal: U want to go 4 coffee?
Second Gal: OK
First Gal: Meet U @ SB. (that's short for Starbucks) @11.
Second Gal: See U there.

So they both arrive, get their drinks, sit at a tall table and both get on their iPhones and do not look up or say word one to the other the entire time they are there.
4 real!
Fast forward to Tuesday: I, of course go to Tacos Jalisco, as that is another fix needing to happen.
I get out my art journal and quickly start to draw the two "Safety Guys" sitting directly in front of me.
They are the only two customers in the place at that time.
A little later the third guy comes in to eat by himself.
So he won't feel left out I draw him into my picture!
I'll call him "Tattoo Guy" as at least one arm was covered in tattoos!
The two women on the wall are on a poster!

I no sooner got done drawing them when "The Couple" came in. You know them as the stars of my book "One Fish Taco and Half an Order of Guacamole A Year of Drawing Over Lunch at Tacos Jalisco"**

And yes, I was eating that very thing! One Fish taco and half...well you already know this.

"The Couple" spotted me and he immediately did a U-Turn and went outside. He came back in with their copy of my book "One Fish Taco..." They wanted me to sign it.
So I did. She held it to her chest in a loving way. He made that prayer sign with palms together raised to chin and gave a slight bow of appreciation. I glowed in my moment of fame!

... and then I drew them as I was sitting right behind them.
Notice the early Valentines on the mirrors on the wall.
So appropriate for "The Couple"!
I had extra time and was still very much in the drawing mood so I drew these people who came in a little later.
The Guy and Gal are sitting way across the room from me next to the window.
The other two women were sitting in the middle of the room.
The only thing significant about this picture is that it is the last page in this particular art journal.
I like starting and ending art journals.
It makes me feel productive!


Lest you think all I do is draw and paint anymore, I am showing you a small art quilt I completed for "Art Quilts Around the World" blog.  You can see what went into this on that blog.
The Challenge this round was "Self Portrait" so this is ME sitting at Tacos Jalisco drawing!

I'm laughing writing this, as it sure must seem like I live there to all of you visiting here. Well, I felt that showing that I am an artist and an author was very much who and what I am right now at this time in my life! So that is the title of this quilt.

Linking to Paint Party Friday! You can get there via the link on my side bar to see lots of great artists! (most post on Friday).
Have a creative weekend!
**Keep checking online for coupons at Blurb Books.
Previous ones have run out for me to use.
Also, they often offer buy one, get one half off
so if two people want to go in together it's another way to save on the book cost.
This comes up when you are ready to hit ORDER!
Thanks to all of you who have already ordered my book.
And to those of you who have shown it on your blog or face book page.
All of this is so appreciated!


  1. I love this post!! It really differentiates Starbucks and the intimate nature of Taco Jalisco. I am amazed at how current you are by nature! The way you write and relate to people gives the appearance of a much younger person!! I want to be just like you when I grow

    Seriously though while I was reading this post I was thinking what a Cool person Lynn is and how lucky I am to know you!!
    Happy ppf!

    I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my book!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. First of all, don't ever. Grow up, not completely! That's the secret! And secondly thank you for such a high compliment! 3rdly, can't wait to hear what you think of my book! Hugs!!!

  2. Love this post. As always so nice to see your drawings of the people and read how they interact with one another. Why is it youngsters are always looking down at their iphones - they miss so much. lol. Gorgeous quilt work Lynn what a sumptious colour.

  3. I love the way you are so immersed & happy in your activities, Lynn! And glad to know that you're still drawing, even after the accomplishment of the book. Your characters are making me imagine little plays.
    I especially like the first page of a new journal...
    Your quilt: It is so intricate & colorful, capturing the spirit!

  4. It is always great to see your drawings. I love your art quilt. I like the way you painted with the embroidery yarn. It is so bright and cheerful like your personality.

  5. Lynn, Wonderful drawings and I am so excited for you about your very popular book!
    For some reason the quilt did not come up, so I will come back later and try to view it.
    Kisses to Henry. xoxo

  6. You keep making great art. I am so glad you are still doing both. I know you started out quilting but the drawing is so much fun to see and to see your progress. I know this is in your blood now. Its very inspiring to see. HPPF early. :)

  7. Terrific post Lynn, loving your sketchings and the stories that go with them, also loving your fabulous quilt. Happy PPF, Annette x

  8. The art seems to be bolder and more colourful- love it. Bet the 'couple' were thrilled. Hows your mouth? Happy PPf.

  9. I love the quilt and so pleased that you got to sigh the couple's book... I am sure they will be showing anyone and everyone they meet ... as always I love your sketches... you capture time and atmosphere perfectly...xx

  10. I love that you draw people when you are out! So cool! I LOVE people watching. I should bring a sketch pad next time!

  11. Beautiful quilt - i love the self portrait of you and your sketch book at Taco Jalisco. How fun that The Couple had a book and they had you sign it. After all they are almost lead characters in it :) Happy sketching!

  12. Love your stories that accompany your sketches. The texting convo is so cute! Congrats on finishing a journal!

  13. How cool is that the couple came back with their book for you to sign!
    And those girls.......kind of sad thing with all these smartphones :(
    You are always such a busy bee.......

  14. Really enjoyed your fun post today, lovely drawings and that quilt is so precious!

  15. I love reading about the people you meet and seeing the sketches; so much life there! Valerie

  16. Congratulations on being a published author - So proud of you for going ahead and doing it! And how wonderful to be asked to sign a copy of it! I love these little glimpses you give us into these strangers' lives!

  17. Such lovely sketches again this week!
    And what a gorgeous, gorgeous quilt!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  18. Wonderfully done illustrations ~ very creative ~

    Carol of: A Creative Harbor ^_^

  19. Your illustrations are always so fun to see and I love your quilt! Happy PPF!

  20. lovely people photos with wonderful observations of life! Beautiful quilt too!

  21. Lynn, I love the quilt! It is truly perfect. It's funny, you've kind of made the couple famous here on your blog and now in your book. I think they will treasure their signed copy. Do you really only eat 1 fish taco and half a guac? I couldn't do it. Who can eat just one taco? :D

    1. Yes, Melisa, that is all I eat there. I don't dare change's my signature at Tacos Jslisco! ;-)

  22. I really love reading your stories and seeing all your beautiful illustrations Lynn. What a lovely storyteller and artist you are! Your quilt is gorgeous too.Happy PPF!

  23. Lynn, you are just so creative. Your beautiful illustrations/paintings are very entertaining. Congratulations on finishing up another wonderful art journal.

  24. Your sense of composition and design is wonderful. I love all the paintings but the quilt made me laugh out loud. What a merry heart you bring to the world and you express it all so well. Thanks for adding color and perspective and humor to my day.

    1. So glad you see it that way~! Happy to know I brought laughter to you!

  25. How fun, how fun, how fun!! Great little quilt too. I am just so excited and waiting to get my book. I can hardly wait. You are a very creative person. Thx for sharing.

  26. What an awesome story about your impromptu book signing ! Love that !
    Happy Weekend, Talented One !

  27. You are a multitalented artist, Lynn! Your quilt is really clever. Blessings!

  28. love hearing and seeing about your week. And your quilt -- amazing! Happy PPF!

  29. You've been tagged, so pop over to my blog- if you feel like joining in.

  30. Lynn - got your book this week - it's just brilliant. I love the illustrations - but your commentary makes me feel just like I feel here - like we are sitting together at Taco Jalisco just talking! Love your art quilt as well. The book is beautifully printed on high quality paper and seems very well put together - especially for a soft cover book. HPPF - keep on sketching and sewing!

    1. Gina, thank you so very much for the feedback on my book! I am so glad to hear you are enjoying the soft cover edition. I just got my first look at that yesterday myself. And I too was very pleased with the paper quality which is in fact the same as the hard back edition. The colors are sharp as well in both. The only difference between the two is the inside flaps on the dust cover! A little more is written there.
      Thanks again for buying it; and huge thanks for telling me you enjoy reading it and find the "story" commentary as if you are THERE! Sweet for me to hear. I am just thrilled to know people like yourself are holding my art in their hands and enjoying looking at it in book form. HUGE HUGS!!!!

      I promise to keep on sketching and sewing! Am doing both as we speak! Well almost! ;-)

  31. oh what that you draw people you see out and about. congrats on your book! your drawings do a wonderful job of telling a story...

  32. I love the quilt. What an amazing thing to do. Blessings, Janet PPF

    1. You can see more art quilts on the challenge blog: Art Quilts Around The World. You can get there from my sidebar under "my other blogs".

  33. How on earth you find time to quilt I do not know. And does anyone make you feel uncomfortable drawing them or are people always pleased, or are you so clever that no one notices? The mind boggles. Anyway, I feel like I am with you as your description is so interesting. Must pluck up courage and draw like this! You are inspiring me.

    1. Art Quilt time is now one every two months...time is found between other life events... ;-) So far no one has made me feel uncomfortable drawing (besides myself, and that is less so over time); some times I know people are pleased, but this is just recently with the couple asking to see what I drew (of them) and they were pleased; no one else asks (yet) thank goodness;I try to be clever so they don't notice. [I put my chips basket and waterglass in front of my art journal, if someone catches my eye I quickly look elsewhere and act as though I am drawing THAT/not THEM; I'm glad you feel as though you are THERE! Yes, JUST DO IT! It really has gotten easier over time; and now it's pretty much an addiction as I feel the NEED for a drawing fix! It warms my heart to hear that I am inspiring you to do the same!

  34. Your illustrations are always fun and colorful. Love all the detail in them. Great job!!!


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