Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Awesome Animals on Animal Wednesday Say Hello!

 This baby burrowing owl came out of his hole in the ground to wish us a good morning!

Meet the friendliest donkey in the field ... who came bounding down the hill when we pulled up to the side of the road ...

Oh he wanted to talk, and talk and talk...

His friend here, had a listening ear to lend as well!

With such feeling he conveyed his story to us ...

but this guy said it really WAS a line of bull!

But I say, is this a face you cannot trust?

Tell me a story too he asked and so I did ... something about a fish and a taco was my tale ...

These little beauties hung out to hear all the stories we shared that day ...

This picture is for YOU CRIS!!!!!
Wishing you all a very Happy
Animal Wednesday!


  1. I think Donkeys have such expressive faces. I always want to nuzzle them and stroke their ears. Happy Animal Wednesday.

  2. Aww, love that donkey, it really looks friendly. Some like it when you rub In their ears (think it's because it happens to be a place they can't get to easy!). Gorgeous photos here Lynn.

  3. Some Great photos here. Love the Chicken Butts. LOL
    But there is a lot of bull going on here. hee hee. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark ally.:))

  4. LOL! You're right Lynn! We have sister owls! :)

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm in LOVE with your country friends!! Especially that donkey!!! It's a good story you tell!

  6. Love those donkeys. We have a small town in AZ with wild burros and they are so fun to see.


  7. wow - what an animal day! i've always wanted a donkey - I think they are SO cute. But they do tell long stories. and that owl is so gorgeous. Happy AW

  8. I love donkeys they are so intelligent and long-lived...just amazing animals, they are so knowing:)

  9. a fun animal display and the donkey is adorable


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