Wednesday, May 22, 2013

West Coast Animals on Wednesday

On our recent ten day jaunt up the northern California coast we stopped to see the
Cris and Con Conclave Animal Farm.
(follow this link to Cris's post day about her chickens and lambs)
We were greeted by the overseer, Annie, who licked our hands and asked to have her back rubbed!

She introduced us to all the chickens, but darn if I remember if this is Suzi or Lexi or Foxi or who!
Ask Cris, she'll tell you!

I love sitting out in Cris' beautiful back yard and catching up with her and Con. Getting to look at her art journals first hand is a real thrill. The art and color just pops off the pages!

It's like old friends just catching up from the day before ... well since we email each other often I guess that is really the case! But it's ever so nice in person!

Cris' green thumb shines back here too. The roses were in wild profusion and smelled and looked so beautiful.

It was a fun visit and we will be back before two shakes of a lambs tail ... at which time I hope we will get to see the lambs that were recently loaned to them to enjoy in a back field.

This photo is a little out of place, as it was taken the day BEFORE we left on our trip. This is our 8 yr old grand son, and he is building a birds nest for a school project. I wonder if any birds have called it home?

Meanwhile, back in Portland, Oregon, we went on a walk with little Allie and my son and DIL to this wonderful nature park where we spied some turtles swimming and sunning themselves on rocks in the water.

Allie Bel is the sweetest of all the animals, as she points out a turtle to her mom and dad!
We just loved every minute of this trip!
And can't wait to get back in the car and go again!

Happy Animal Wednesday!!!


  1. OMGosh.. your camera takes wonderful photos. wow. you make me want to go visit my own back yard. :) The Turtles and your grand kids are wonderful photos too. Oh and that is Alice you have a photo of.. or is it Hattie.. hmmmm lol. Love that photo of Annie. All are great shots. Wont be long we will be visiting again. :)) I have lost count on how many times its been over the last five or six years..has it been that long?

  2. Allie Bell has grown up so much! WOWZERS! Looked like an awesome trip, Lynn!

  3. Your photos make such a great reminder of the wonderful time you have had. Oh how I would love to be there visiting my blog friends. So lovely that you and Cris share your visit with us all, feel as though I am there.

    Hope your grandsons project worked out with the bird nest, he looks so concentrated on the job.

    ...and little Allie Bel, what a great photo of her.

  4. what awesome photos and all those animals! i wouldnt have known if it was lexi or suzy either, most chickens look alike to me!! and lovely cool turtles, especially love that little human animal!

  5. Loving your photos! Especially the turtles, great shots.

  6. What a lovely menagerie of animals and humans. :) HAW.

  7. Charming! =)
    the turtles are so beautiful and you've got some pretty good photos of them!
    I would love to have a small garden, with a bench to sit on like that! =)
    I'm dreaming on....! =))

    and now I see there is some more food in your previous post.. I have to read that too. but this will be enough commenting from me now.. ;)


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