Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gelli Printed Two Cards for Friends!

 I'm enjoying playing with my Gelli, a Gel Printing Plate by Gelli Arts (
Like the literature that came with it said, it is easy to use. I'm having fun with new stencils bought too, a brayer, acrylic craft paints and stamps. Jessica Sporn is my inspiration from seeing her use hers on her blog videos! Thanks Jessica. I'm just a beginner, she's the CHAMP!

On the top card I simply cut out some attractive pieces from practice papers I made on the plate by laying the stencil on the plate and adding paint on top and using the brayer to cover the stencil part I wanted to show. Then you lift the stencil off carefully, and  lay the paper on the plate and smooth the back of it with your hands and fingers. Then lift the paper off carefully. But even if something smears, its just part of the effect!

I used the fabric paints to circle some of the circles here and make some raised dots ...

...and to make the hearts on the inside.

It takes maybe over night for this fabric paint to dry.

When it's completely dry I'll write on the inside of the card for Patty!

Most of my art, especially this process, is a little messy.
But I don't think Patty will mind. She is used to my messiness!

And this is the back. Different colors!

Now I am working on fabric with the same process to make a small art quilt. I'll show that when it's done. (August sometime)

Not sure this qualifies for Sunday Sketchers but I'm posting it there anyway. If you want to see ALOT of  my recently painted sketches scroll back to my Thursday Post!

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  1. Your gelli prints looks great Lynn and you are obviously having fun. Patty will love this I'm sure. Good wishes being sent to her.

  2. Oh I'm jealous of the geli prints...we don't have them here...I have to break down one day and order them online! They are making lovely cards though...

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Great to try something new, and looks like you are having fun. Patty will love the card, as it's done with love.

  4. I'm enjoying your cards. Haven't done that much with my geli prints yet but have printed on fabric and do love it. My very own fabric, oh, my!

  5. The prints are wonderful.
    It is such a fun technique.
    Sue xx

  6. I have a feeling Patty loves whatever you create. The cards are lovely! Have a great week.

  7. You are having WAY to much fun here. :)) Lucky friends to receive something lovingly hand made by you.

  8. How fun! I love them all. I've never tried a gelli plate but would love to.

  9. These are great cards, Lynn. Your friends will be blessed. :)

  10. I have seen this process. You make it look fun.

  11. you are always trying new things. !!!! i know patty will love this.


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