Monday, July 22, 2013

Sam's Outside Art!

Every year on July 4th we find ourselves in Glide, Oregon at our long time friend, Sam's house.
There are all sorts of activities and good food and friendship!
A perfect combination for a fun time.

 A few posts ago I shared photos of the inside of Sam's home (link) and her art there. There is even more outside. This is the scene I drew that day to be found on one of my earlier posts as well.

I love the things Sam's finds to plant plants in ...

White bikes seem to find their ways into lots of gardens.

Every direction you look it's a peaceful scene!

Sam has turned this shed into a workshop for herself!

And this little lady watches over her there.

That's my husband peeking out the window of her workshop!

Sprites are found everywhere too!

These beauties climb a trellis in front of her home.

Sometimes you feel you are in the great Old Out West!

And sometimes you think you are in a magical fantasy world!

Full of creatures big and small!

Sam is both arty and practical! Seems just about everything has a use!

It's good to have old friends, souls you know just about inside and out, as it's so darn comfortable to hang out with them. Thanks Sam for all the good years ... and here's hoping for lots more to come!


  1. What a gorgeous garden and the things all around, it's all so eclectic and works so well together, love it...I want that garden! lol.

  2. What a FUN garden. So much to explore. She has quite the imagination.I will have to reread this a few times.Love her shed she works in too. Tres Cool Sam!! :)

  3. you and sam have stolen my heart! such great energy and effort for things that exist just to bring smiles.

    a most sincere thank you to you both from me


  4. Beautiful and fun garden, it must take a while to wander through and see everything. I love that kind of garden and Sam's is the epitome of a "treasure hunt" gardening style!

  5. Great photos...what a character your friend is...loads of creative fun in that yard!! Love the picture of your hubby looking out the window....I can see you painting that fun!! I once had a rusted wheel-barrel that I planted with the end of the summer it was gorgeous!!

    Thanks for sharing your sweet friend!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. What a fun garden. You and your friend are truly blessed with this friendship.

  7. Going round Sam's garden with you, was like a magical mystery tour

  8. What a great place to live, love and create...thank you for sharing all the fun creations ♥ Conny

  9. Amazing magical garden! I would never want to go indoors. My boyfriend's mum used to have a garden like that.. with funny creatures and curious objects bedded into plants or by rocks or hanging from branches :)


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