Monday, August 26, 2013

More Food: Sprialized Zucchini Spagetti and Dessert!

 I decided on the Paderno World Cuisine spiralizer and got it from Amazon for around $34. It's a light weight smallish piece of equipment, easy to use. Does not take up too much cupboard space.

Soft veggies like zucchini are easiest. Hard carrots are harder to spiralize, take more muscle! But they all come out so cute it's worth the effort! Has four different blades. Non electric, turns by hand.

You just put the veggie with ends cut off on the gadget like so, and turn the crank!
and this is what you get!
The grand kids loved it. A good way to get them to eat vegetables.

The center stays in tact, but there is no waste. Just cut it up and add it to the mix in the pot.

Then with a dollop of virgin olive oil saute the zucchini for a few minutes. I added a clove of garlic sliced.

Then add the tomato sauce based marinara sauce with green French lentils. (all this in a previous recipe I posted last week) and you have a delicious lunch/dinner! One small zucchini and sauce made one meal for myself. Larger or more zucchini makes meals for more.

And then a raw dessert! My favorite, low cal, absolutely delicious, decadent tasting chocolate treat:
Few ingredients, easy to make, fast, freeze them, eat them.

1 C organic coconut oil
1/2 C raw organic cocoa
1/4 C organic maple syrup
1/2 tsp organic vanilla
sprinkle of sea salt
chopped nuts
other spices of your choice

mix by hand in a bowl (mine is my mom's old Mixmaster bowl!)


I put a little more than a table spoon into the bottom of a cupcake paper in the cupcake tin. Gives more than enough of a portion. Eat one a day!



  1. I've learnt something new! Thanks Lynn - I'd never seen anything like this machine before. What a great way to prepare veggies. Plus, your cakes look so yummy, my mouth is watering, I can imagine how good they must smell!

    1. Ann the "cakes" are really candy, more like eating a chocolate truffle. Very creamy. They are not cooked, they are raw and frozen, eaten from the freezer! Very delicious!

  2. Oh love the chocolate thingys. Thanks for the recipe. I see you've been to Costco. ..Kirkland brands. :)

    1. Yes, Cris, Costco carries lots of organic products!

  3. Recently, I changed my diet to gluten free so I'm always interested in ways to substitute. I've seen recipes using zucchini sliced into thin slices and used for spaghetti but your cute little machine sure kicks that up a couple notches. Who is the manufacture of your machine and what is it called? How else have you used it? There are a lot of good gluten free pastas out there but they are expensive so it would be nice to try to figure out ways that cut cost a bit.

    1. Re read first sentence of this post. It's all there!
      I've used it for carrots, pretty in a salad. You can see UTube videos about this Spiralizer! Mines new so I haven't done a lot with it yet. But as I do more ill post it here.

  4. Looks yummy. Great idea. I usually just use spaghetti squash with sauce.


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