Monday, September 2, 2013

Food Condiments, Morning Choices and Health Successes Continue

I found these adorable glass shaker bottles at a thrift store recently for $1 each.
I knew they'd be perfect for my chia seeds, hemp seeds and flax seeds.
I call these my "brain food" and keep them on the stove, as I can easily shake them into anything I am making, but especially my morning smoothies and/or hot grain cereal.
That yellow label in the back is Nutritional Yeast. It too goes into stir fried vegetables and other cooked dishes. And it's great on organic popcorn.

Mim's girls over see my cooking every day.

I like this sea salt container from Costco, as it has a built in grinder! I use very little salt in my cooking. I've never had high blood pressure, but I don't want to temp the fates.
A little olive oil adds flavor to stir fried vegetables too.
Nice that Paul Newman had a hand in making mine!

This morning I start the day with a fruit smoothie. Walnuts, one small banana, hands full of blue berries, strawberries and raspberries, the above mentioned seeds (hemp, chia and flax). Cinnamon too. Toss in the blender and mix and fills a 16 oz glass!

Or I cook whole grain steel oats with the same seeds, nuts and cinnomen and have a nice comfy bowl of hot cereal.

Up date on my health: exercising nearly every day: 20-30 minutes on the treadmill; floor exercises; 50 crunches; weights for biceps and triceps every other day; have added weighted leg lifts.

Weight loss of 15 pounds since beginning of May! 148lb < 133lb today! Starting to see the changes.
4" off belly. 2" off waist.

DH is exercising too and eating less although not vegan. He's managed to get off meds for diabetes, has lost 20 lbs in 2 months (men loose so fast!) and is looking slim and trim! I am so proud of him.
He works out on exercise bike, treadmill and nordic trac. Also lifts weights.

Have a good and healthy day!


  1. Both breakfast options look so yummy. Well done both of you :)

  2. Nice jars. I recognize Paul Bragg stuff. wish I could walk on my treadmill. Oh well someday.

  3. you two are so inspiring! awesome. those shake jars are a great find for those things!

    1. Thanks, Julie, this has been a Long time coming, prog I plan to make it stick this time for me.
      One of the things I am noticing is how good, how pronounced things taste now. Again

  4. Pretty damn awesome

    You've gotten my attention with the smoothie and oatmeal. Hhhmmmmm :-)


  5. Okay you are bothrole models, just wonderful to hear!

  6. Hi Lynn, you and your husband are doing so well!

    I too have smoothies for breakfast with frozen plain fruit, water, and a gluten free, milk free, everything free protein powder. I eat fresh blueberries, strawberries, banana, & nectarines other times throughout the day. I use regular Quaker oatmeal with fresh apples, nuts,cinnamon and heat in microwave just enough so the apple juices make the mixture like a granola. I sometimes add a teaspoon of real butter at the end.

    Thank you for your comment one my blog.

  7. Been wanting to try nutritional yeast... popcorn is a great way to give it a go!!!

  8. Hee hee I just love seeing my ladies there!


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