Sunday, September 15, 2013

Where We Met

The night of September 15, 1978 I went out with my girlfriend, Terra, to the Starry Plough, an Irish Pub in Berkeley to listen to live music!

There was this good looking guy sitting across the room who caught my eye. I smiled at him. I can't remember if he smiled back or not or if I'd have been able to see the smile behind that long red beard of his, but his eyes sparkled.

I may have smiled again ... and then I turned around toward the stage to watch the musicians. And listen.

A while later, I felt a presence and looked up. There he stood, all six feet of him, dressed in an off white Henley and jeans with holes in the knees.  And yes, that huge big red beard! And he said: "Is anyone sitting here?" (about an empty chair, and no one was, as Terra had gone off to talk to someone she knew there) ... so I said "No" and he sat down.

This was 35 years ago now, so I probably do not recall the exact words exchanged, but we did talk some, and then Terra came over and said it was time to go home. He said he'd give me his phone number, but he didn't have a phone. So would I give him mine? I did.

It took him a week, he said to get up the courage to call. He did finally call and he asked me out on a date to the renaissance Faire. I said I had just gone with someone else. He said he didn't have a plan B.
So I said, okay, I'd go. That was our first official date. We have been dating ever since. (Well, we actually got married on April 1st,  1985, but you know what I mean) Happy First Meeting Anniversary to us!

 THEN .....................

and NOW ...............

 A lot older, grayer, and even more in love!


  1. Aww, Happy First Anniversary Meeting to you both.

  2. What a sweet story. Happy Anniversary....

  3. Such a cute story. Happy anniversary!

  4. I loved this story, so romantic, thanks for sharing, obviously liked him from the start too!

  5. What a lovely Love Story and with a Happy Ending too. :)
    Congrats on all these years. Having met him.. I can say he is a keeper, like mine is. :)

  6. I hadn't visited in a while, but what a nice day to choose to stop by! Great memories and a lovely future! Happy Anniversary!

  7. Great story!! I so enjoy a 35 year love story!!

  8. Happy first meeting anniversary!! I love your story and these photos... you were adorable then and you are even more adorable now!! I love love!!

    Hugs Gigglers

  9. You should re-name the Starry Plough, the Starry Eyes!!

    Beautiful story Lynn, happy that you are still so much in love!!

  10. Oh boy, did this post make me happy. Blessings to both of you!

  11. Love the story!!! Happy first meeting anniversary!

  12. That is soooo romantic & loving! Loved the surprise ending. Congratulations!


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