Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Art Show in Nevada City, CA at Deje Vu My Friend, Terra's New Shop!

Two old friends reunite after 23 years. Our friendship goes back 42 years when our children were babies. And we were two young, wild and crazy chicks in the 70's! My friend, Terra is a woman of many talents. In fact, it was she who taught me to sew back then.
 She has just opened a wonderful "Used to Antiques" shop called Deje Vu in Nevada City, where she has lived for quite awhile now. It is a charming spot and was perfect for showing off
my textile art and paintings.

That's Terra on my right standing under a textile piece I call: "!"  It was done with fabric on gelli plate I made from gelatin on the back of a bowl, each circle done individually, then paint dried, machine sewn, and then finally all pieced together. It took 65 hours to make over a very long weekend. I've got it priced at $400 but should probably be asking more if you are interested.
I'll still give Terra her cut if it sells while hanging in her store!

The store was originally a bank. It has lovely wood and wonderful curves to display her wares (and mine). You see my "Gossamer Summer" piece with crocheted flowers and zippers on the door.
"Stop Bullying Now" is on the wooded door in the back. And "Tying the Knot" made from old neck ties is on a wooden beam that used to be the tellers cage.

Terra is behind the counter ready for customers!

This piece is called "Swirls" and looked so nice where she put it against a lace drape.

We used this desk to set up my book: "One Fish Taco and Half an Order of Guacamole A Year of Drawing Over Lunch at Tacos Jalisco". There was some interest shown for the book. And my textile piece called "California Gold" which now sells for $250 hangs in the window.

Those smaller art pieces on the middle wall are by a 14 year old artist and are quite good too!

My husband and Terra are looking at a drawing of Nevada City and the surrounding environs from the 1800's. Terra had Chi tea and chocolate cookies out for the guests who came through.

This is a wonderful painting by Terra's daughter, Erika. I just love it.
It's also for sale.

Terra built and painted this wooden bench that sits in the book nook of her shop. It's for sale too.

Here hang two of my paintings from Tacos Jalisco.

That top photo of us is a bit blurry. So I added another. Thank you so much Terra for having me in your beautiful shop! It was such a warm and loving day and evening with you. Glad we have plans to come again soon!

And finally we had to  turn off the lights and go home. It was nice meeting the locals from Nevada City who were nice enough to come see my art on this Art About night. I got some lovely compliments which were worth a lot to me. And seeing my friend again was pure gold!

This little lamp, by the way, which made me think of my friend, Cris in Oregon, is for sale for $45. It's adorable!

Thanks for coming to my art show! If you have an interest in purchacing any of my art
just drop a note in the comments box here or email me at


  1. How lovely to see your Art Show and your friends shop. I wish her every success with her new venture and yourself too. Will your work stay there, or is it only there for a short while? I love shops like this, I could spend ages browsing round, there is so much to see. It is also good to see you smiling and hope this has lifted your spirits.

    1. The art will stay for a yet to be determined time.
      It was very healing to be with another old friend Ann. Thanks for your words!

  2. Oh what a cute little place. I too love places like this. Your Art work looks perfect there. and you two look like sisters. So nice to connect with our long times friends.. wont say old just long time friends. :)Oh and I DO love that lamp. CUUUUTE...:))

  3. What fun, Lynn. And you have helped to fill the shop.

    Nice to spend time with another good friend. I'm sure you appreciated that


  4. Lynn, This looks like a fun place to visit! It is always wonderful to see your artwork displayed together.

  5. Your art display is perfectly fitting in your dear friend's beautiful shop. Happy sales to you both!

  6. It's good you are keeping busy now...and particularly nice to connect with an old friend....who loves art!

    Big Hugs...and a special kiss for *The King*!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. This is so lovely all of it. Seeing you with Terra was a balm for the heart specially after Patty's death so recently. Your quilts all look so wonderful and so does your art- what a beautiful setting for it all. Good luck and I hope you sell.

  8. What a lovely place to exhibit your art and what a great friend. I love Nevada City - we once went there to celebrate a friend's wedding in Grass Valley and spent a day in Nevada City - great little town!

  9. What a joyful visit that was seeing your gorgeous pieces and hearing about your talented friend. Love her daughters art too!! You two are absolutely beautiful in that your frida necklace too!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Your art looks right at home in your friend's beautiful shop... Lovely post - very heart-warming!


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