Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Week Backwards from Today to Just After Last Post

This morning we went to Barnes & Noble Café because it is Thursday!  Husband said it was for getting a Science magazine, Freshly brewed coffee, and for something different to do. For me it was for three pages of drawing people; checking out the Sale Table and finding great buys for $2 each minus our 10% members discount. A book for me, a few gifts too. And a not on sale new set of Micron Pens black ink five sizes, all waterproof! Who can resist new pens?

I drew these three drawings with a glittery gel pen. Loved how the ink slid across the pages!

I had no idea apple cider had a miracle attached, but apparently so as she was reading a book about just that! No idea what book the Dinosaur was reading.

She was reading a pile of cookbooks. He was reading a magazine at a different table, but he fit well in my drawing with her. So there they are! New friends!

On a different day we were at Starbucks in Dixon where the line for coffee just kept going and going and going ... People with two toned hair and no hair were in this line...

More two toned hair in bright colors this time and a broken foot!

A few days earlier there we were again and there they were, more coffee drinkers at Starbucks.

Guys and Gals!

And a couple ...

And another couple!

That's it for people drawing this week.
Now on to Every Day in October where we draw to prompts given each and every day:

This one was Horizontal and Vertical:

This was a Disney Animation and I did make it an animation GIF but it's not here. Sorry.

Roadside Attraction. Look it up on line in Dixon, CA and get the history of this sign. It's still there.

Bloom: These are blooming each and every morning in front of our house! Have been for years now.

Tattoo: From my imagination.

The Day of the Dead:

and finally, Texture:

It's been a creative week for me. I hope yours has been equally so. Just have fun. That's what it's all about. See you next week.

Thanks for coming by. I love your visits and your comments.
They keep me drawing.


  1. Looks like another fun and arty week, filled with visits to coffee shops. Happy PPF, Hugs Valerie

  2. Wow what a fabulous selection of art this week. I really do enjoy following your day through art.

  3. Always great to visit your art - so full of life ! Happy PPF! oxo Susi

  4. Thanks for your "journaling" of interesting week. You do so fun and great pictures.
    Happy PPF ♥

  5. Visiting here is like a great stint of people watching at the airport. Love the diverse group you always fun. Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Lynn as always your pages are full of life. You really take me there with you to your week, every day. And you know what i can really follow how you get more progress with each drawing. I really respect this. Happy PPF :)

  7. Such a prolific week! Love your work - so free and colourful. Loved my visit to your blog. hugs, Donna

  8. Your people just keep getting better and better. And you seem to find such a diverse group of people or maybe when I am rushing around, I just don't really 'SEE' those around me. Happy PPF

  9. Loving all your bookworm sketches. What marvellous characters

  10. very art-ful week; have a happy PPF

    much love...

  11. I love the roadside attraction piece a huge amount... the colours and lines work together wonderfully... but as always Lynn all of your work is shining with wonderfulness

  12. I'm exhausted seeing all your sketches! Of course I love the Starbucks sketches, but the sketches for the prompts look fun!

  13. I love all your Starbucks drawings the best. I feel as if I've played spy at the airport. i love all the detail.

  14. Oh I love the tattooed man. Lots of great drawings.


  15. I just love your drawings. Cute how you got that man and woman to become friends, lol! All of your drawings are like a diary of your week and then the extras for a Challenge...yes you have been busy. We must live close together as I know that Farm sign very well, even if you hadn't said the town. Great job on the sign too! Still blog hopping from PPF, I have been gone for a while. Rasz #60

  16. I adore your drawings and your narrative about each piece gives it an extra sparkle. You are a wonderfully talented artist! :D

  17. You are so productive! It's really impressive! I love the piece with the dinosaur reading what we are unsure of...

  18. a great multitude of sketches fun

  19. you are such a people person! Lovely work and happy SS!

  20. I feel like I just met 100 people. Love how you capture everyday life. They each have such personality. Love what you do.


  21. What a productive week! I loved browsing through your latest sketches.

  22. Lots of wonderful art to observe, Lynn. It is hard to choose a favorite, but I really like the one of the long, long line.

  23. Lovely sketches. I´ve never sketched in public yet, I guess I would feel intimidated. But seeing your sketches, I might just give it a go!

  24. Still my all time favorite thing you do is the drawings of people at Starbucks. You capture their quirkiness, hairstyles and postures so well. I always smile as I look at them. And a great big applause for that last piece on texture! LOVE! Cheers-Darlene

    1. Huge smile of thanks to you and all you others who left me wonderful comments this week! Thanks so much!


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