Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gardens Influence on My Art and More of the Usual

I've become enamored with Gelli Roll gel pens and my garden! Here are some examples of combining the two! I've gotten such positive feedback that I'm looking into creating an account on Society6 so I can offer prints for sale. Stay tuned.

More Morning Glories

My Sunflowers 

The original Zucchini flower (below) is for sale! Anyone interested can email me their offered price including shipping and I'll get back to you.
Say "art sale" in your subject box.

8" X 12" gel pens on black paper, inframed

And my love of gel pens and Creative lettering continues as well! 

This was date night in Roseville, Ca
The night of the day my husband sang at Open Mike .... I was so proud! 

The Old West Trio

Of course I also continue to draw in coffee cafes

And I continue to discover new art supplies! 

One can just never have too many pens! 

I also had a surprise visit from our eldest grandson! It was a joy to show him our new garden and talk about the meaning of life! 

Loving becoming more and more self sustaining! 

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your visits and comments as they keep me inspired to draw more! 

I wish you a Creative Week ahead! 


  1. Wow, I really like your gel pen garden drawings! Very cool!

  2. Oh I love your garden art!!! My love of gardens inspired me to begin my art journey!
    Love monday with feet up!!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. I have 4 generations here at the moment:Us, Kids, their kids, and their kids kids :)

    You have got to continue with those plant paintings there's a whole future there for you, I'm positive!

  4. What a great post. Love your various Art and thanks for the happy photos you show.
    Have a great Time ♥

  5. I missed last week so it is great to see your drawing on black. Those Gelli pens really pop on the black. Great subjects. Hugs-Erika

  6. You are doing such great things with your lettering. I love it! It brings a whole new dimension to your art. And now gel pens! There is nothing more rewarding than solo visits from grand kids. Lucky you and happy PPF

  7. Your lettering is really wonderful. All the art today is feels fun and happy. Very nice looking grandson.

  8. Great post, Lynn. The gelli roll pen work is awesome and makes me want to run out and buy some black paper. I think I still have the pens. As always I enjoyed seeing the sketches of the people you draw and the beautiful fancy lettering. Your dh looks just like you draw him so I would have know who was up there singing without an introduction!

  9. Lynn, I love your illustrations of date night and everyday life! Your hand lettering really spices them up and helps to tell a story. Your grandson looks sweet. He is about the age of my son and his smile makes me smile. -Terri

  10. love your flowers in particular! Nice work this week!

  11. whoa! i absolutely love these flowers and how they look with the gelli pens! also great to see the people skethces again

  12. Beautiful gel pen drawings of your garden!

  13. Great garden sketches with the gel pen. I like those! Good lettering and people sketching too.

  14. the pens seem to work really well for you, your flowers are great :) really like the textures you are getting with the pens :)


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