Thursday, February 7, 2008

My "Jocelyn" Forever Young Wall Hanging nearly completed

An overall view of Forever Young's wall hanging.
Nothing left to do but make a hanging sleeve (if I can) and
add her bio to the back.
And then it travels from California to London, England!
Who would have thought?
This has been a true blessing for me to do, especially because Forever Young Jocelyn has assured me
how much she likes what I have done here and I have enjoyed this process
so very, very much.

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  1. WOW. Finally a full picture of it. and it is AWESOME. Very artistic and just plane ole fabulous.. Dont know what you mean by a sleeve on it. FY you picked the right person to do this for you. :) Kudos Lynn.

  2. Look how great this is!!!

    In answer to your question about needles, I used a size 90 needle for the fish thread work that I did....although when you are doing that much thread work it's best to put the fancy thread in the bobbin and work upside down (less breakage that way) There is also a little sewers aid (a small bottle) that you can place small drops on your thread as you sew to help things stay nice and juicy as it goes through your machine...and it really helps cut down on breakage as well! :)

    Cheers! And keep up the great work!

  3. Lady Bug, what pray tell is the name of this magic liquid for preventing breaking threads?

    Upside down sewing? On the wrong side? Not sure how this works except for large you outline on reverse side with marking pencil?

    Thanks for tips.

  4. First off - lynn, this wall hanging quilt is AMAZING - and what a treat to "know' the person that it is for. It's wonderful! you should work with Judy W on memory quilts.

    I too would love to know the name of this magic liquid that keeps threads from breaking and the way to reverse quilt. Without a see thru quilt, I can't figure out how it would work to do that.

  5. Just gorgeous. What a treasure for FY. YOu are wonderful, Lynn. Am speechless.

  6. I am speechless too.
    Fabulous work, wonderful memories, grateful FY

  7. This is just gorgeous. I am amazed at how quickly you've gone from starting a blog to making such connections across the globe, from learning to quilt to getting a commission! You are living proof of what can happen when one pours so much love energy out into the world.

  8. I will look for the exact name of the magic bottle when I stop in at work next...but I'm pretty sure it is simply called 'sewer's aid'...and if you can't find any where you are I'd be happy to pop some in the mail to you.

    The way the upside down sewing works is with an outline on the back/wrong side of the fabric or better yet on some stabilizer. This is really the best way to work when you're doing thread art (basically painting with thread--like the little fishy on my website.

    If you want to see more work and examples check out:

    Her work is just stunning!

    Basically you draw an outline on some stabilizer (totally stable works great!) then iron it to the back of the fabric you want to work on...(or to a batik or hand dye when there is no right or wrong side of the fabric!) and then place the design in a hoop. That keeps it from puckering too much as you add thread.

    By working upside down (with the finished image down on your sewing machine and the pretty thread in the bobbin, you can use all kinds of thread with little problems (sometimes metallic threads can just break and break and break).

    Once you are happy with how your fish or whatever you are working on, you then sew it to your background and then cut away extra fabric around the edges of your creation! ;)

    Send me an email if you need more info (you can find the link in my profile) ;)


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