Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Quilts Owner Revealed

Several months ago someone here asked me if they could commission me to make them an art quilt. This piece is a wall hanging 28" X 49".

We discussed options and she decided on something similiar to my Ella quilt, with family history. We wanted to celebrate her recent sixteith birthday.

I wanted to celebrate her life.

She was born in South Africa.

Her grandmother and aunt were very important to her life.

I did my best to show these and other important things like her long career as a teacher, her interest and talents in art, her family (husband and sons) and even her puppy.

I hope I have done this justice.

She has been kind enough to thank me and show her pleasure with the first "hints" she saw when you did.

Please let me introduce you to Forever Young, someone whom I have grown to know and love through making this art piece for her.

Thank you FY for your trust in me as artist. I am humbled by that and I am so much enjoying making this piece.


  1. OH LYNN.... This is BEAUTIFUL.. Truely is. She will LOVE IT. Do get a full view shot of it too.
    You are brillant at creating quilts. soon YOU will be writing books. LoL

  2. Your quilts are very intriguing - full of stories, symbols and energy. They look like you could lie in bed 'reading' them like a book before falling asleep. If I lived in a temperate climate I would want to commission one too.

  3. Marvelous. YOur first, I think , commission, completed to perfection. How lovely for FY and for you too. I should think she would love it. All those marvelous touches. You are the best!!!!

  4. Lynn, congratulations for your first commissioned artquilt for FY! A great work with all those intersting details and hints about the personality, really lovel. I'm sure she will be thrilled by it. Andrea

  5. Thanks all for your wonderful words of praise for this, YES, my first commissioned piece of art work.

    Elspeth: This is a wall hanging
    28" X 49". One could read it from the bed looking at the wall falling asleep...;-)

  6. Will FY be pleased?
    FY is speechless
    FY is tearful
    FY is amazed
    Fy is overawed
    FY is wonderous
    FY is flabbergasted
    FY is grateful
    FY is so happy
    FY is in love
    FY can't wait to put it in her home
    I Love you for this Lynn

  7. I can't stop looking at it, wow and wow again and again.
    Thanks so much Lynn, I am whew, I am overwhelmed with joy.

  8. Forever Young: And I am crying with relief and joy! Hugs FY, many, many hugs and thank yous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Enchanting! I just lost track of time sitting here and looking at it... I really appreciate your care for bringing all the details of FY's life in this artwork ....and so beautifully done.
    Those elements of Africa... gorgeous... loved the zebra beside the baby FY... I never get tired of looking at your quilts. They tell a never-ending story.... they are modern and at the same time have got something of the Arabian Tales nature... A labyrinth of concepts, colors, forms and ideas...
    Here I don't want to find the way out so soon. :D

  10. Oh Lynn, I forgot to thank you for offering to send that crow thing in the magazine to my email... Sure I love to have it, but just if it doesn't take your time... I know you've got lots of things to do...
    Much grateful for your care ...
    A BIG hug.

  11. A wall hanging! Oops. And there I was thinking it was an intriguing quilt. Well, I guess it would be!

  12. Wow! Lynn this is amazing! Many congratulations on your first commission, and wishing you many more. What a success - FY is obviously thrilled and who wouldn't be. How clever you are - It looks as if you have been quilting for YEARS!!

  13. Wow, I think your quilt is amazing - what a treasure.


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