Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Henry is not a happy camper. He has never been able to be around our grand kids long enough to get comfortable with them so when they come as they have today and are just here for a short while he has taken to staying away outdoors all day long.
He just came in at 9:30 PM to eat.
I hear him in the living room with DH/Dad.

 We've had a full day of fun and art making with the kids...I am pooped. And need to go to bed as tomorrow is another day and then the day after that still one more with them here. I love that they are here, but they keep me busy every minute.

They made art, collages, drawings, used the sewing machine, learned to make a crochet chain using a hook and yarn, stamped, drew, painted, read to themselves, read to us...walked to the park, played in the park, went out to eat, ate well. Saw the owls and turkeys on the drive home.

Tomorrow we'll take them to a train museum and take an eleven mile ride through the delta hopefully seeing more wild life.

They also want to learn more about crocheting. I'll try to be patient while their small fingers learn how to move to hold the yarn and dip the hook through holes to make stitches.

Good night. Sleep tight.

I'll post photos of their art and mine tomorrow perhaps. No time now. Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. I laughed when I read "Henry is not happy". He always seems to have a scowl on his face. Iknow it is the markings of his fur but really... tee hee. I can just imagine the energy your Grands send out makes him a nervous wreck. Good for him. :)

  2. ...Still, I guess Henry can annoy the dog next door whilst he is outside! lol.

  3. Poor Henry! So Henry does not like children, not a big surprise :-). I hope he has safe places to be outside.
    Enjoy your time with the grandchldren.

  4. Poor Henry. He does have to put up with a lot.:)) But Ann is right. he can go take his aggravation out on the dog next door. :)) HAW

  5. Wow I'm exhausted reading about it!! You'll need a rest afterwards!! Poor kitty hope he recovers from the He must be a bit of a recluse!!
    Enjoy the rest of the visit!! You are an awesome grandma, building wonderful memories for your grands!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Ha ha I bet he isn't. Snuffles also runs away and hides from the grands. I know you are having a wonderful time, and I bet we will get to see loads of fab photos after they've gone back home and you've had time to lie down in a dark room for about a month. LOL.

  7. hahaha lynn, i understand only to well!! i just love how much these children will learn from you.

    so far i have the best record: one full week with three small grands! i think my record will be safe for a long time hee hee


  8. Oh the *Poor, Beleaguered King*! Those "rascally-knavish" - grand-kids! I agree with *Ann's Art*....we KNOW Henry will find things (like the dog next door) to occupy his time. Too bad the grand-kids haven't learned how to be gentle among animals... they are missing out - and so is Henry!

    Kiss the King (when you see him)!

    Have a great time with those youngsters!


    ♥ Robin ♥

    1. Robin, the kids have great animal skills; they in fact grew up with a cat of their mother's my daughters who lived to be 20 and who they loved dearly. In this case it's Henry who is being rediculous and acting out of sorts for no good reason at all. He must be OCD and not liking these new vibrations of happiness and yes, artists and mess makers in his home. It is everyone's loss.

  9. I remember when my nephews were little and Samson the dog (who loved them but was somewhat jealous) would run away and I'd have to search around for him. I also remember the delicious feeling of kids in the bath knowing that they'd be in bed soon...which is where I'd be too. Sleeping like a LOG!!! Enjoy and scratches to Henry

  10. Ha, Henry just puts on his catitude.They're so funny.

    I know how tired you must be having two Grands there. I'm worn out with one, but like you, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

  11. Glad Henry is only camping....... Poor King driven out of his castle.............
    My that sound like a full program!
    Enjoy dear and try to relax in between activities ;)

  12. Sometimes I am really envious and wish I had two children come to my craft camp, but then I read how much energy it takes and I'm not sure I could do it! But the rewards make it all worthwhile, I'm sure. They sure are growing up fast.


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