Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Sad Farewell at Our House today, Removal of 25 year old tree

 The tree removal guys arrived at 7 this morning...
 This is a Chinese Tallow tree we planted 25 years ago when we just moved into this house in 1988.
We love the tree. It has provided shade, privacy, beauty to our yard.

Unfortunately, it hung more over into the neighbor's yards than ours and caused them problems.
One neighbor said it killed his grass, and his dog got the pods tangled up in his fur.

 So the tree had to go. We got a few estimates and went with this company. They are being very professional, proficient, are cleaning up after themselves every step of the way.

But we are very, very heavy hearted. As we loved this tree and it's only issue was annoying the neighbors and sending out invasive roots that might eventually cause problems with even our houses foundation.

So bit by bit we tell it good bye.

  We saved a few rounds for planters...
and memories...

Good bye old friend, I will miss you dearly. I already do!


  1. Aww, that is such a pity. I can see your reasoning for having it removed though. Will you plant something else near the old roots.

  2. This is too sad. You are a good neighbor.

  3. Oh this is way too sad for me. When they took down a tree in my stamp pad of a yard I was devastated...I can't imagine how this must feel.... I was young and something similar happened with a poplar we had several houses ago...It was right in the center of our front yard....We bought the house for that tree.... a neighbor complained it could affect his driveway but we didn't oblige... too stubborn back then. Today I understand how it can wreck havoc on pipes and such!

    Good bye old tree...I'm sure you were loved... Plus it may give you peace of mind come winter winds!

    Big hugs Giggles

  4. Oh how sad. I guess one should think of the future in planting things. like how shallow the roots.. how close to the neighbors yards. but they are just twigs when planted and who thinks of those things. We had a tree cut down when we moved in our place and our neighbors were upset with us. they liked the shade but the tree was dying and messy and one day would have ended up in their roof so not all neighbors complain. I would plant something else. Let it be someone else's problem in 25 years! LOL

  5. You are a great neighbour. My mom would love to have you for a neighbour, she can not get the neighbours on either side of her house to even trim their hedges that are encroaching on her front and back yard. But I do agree with Chrei about planting another tree.

  6. Sorry about your lovely tree. I am on the other side of the fence so to speak, as our neighbours had Massive Leylandii and for years our small back garden was dark for most of the day, and the roots affected the drains badly was awful at times. We hinted at him to cut them back but didn't say anything else because there were birds nesting and also we don't like conflict. This year they cut them back to our surprise. Now I have light in the conservatory so painting in there is a pleasure! No more worries about the roots. The man whose trees they were has planted plants to attract butterflies and his fig tree is laden. So this is a nice tale about the sadness of losing trees. Hope you plant something to give you pleasure from the loss of yours.

  7. Yes, it's sad to have to cut down a tree, especially one that has been around for a long time. My parents recently had to cut down a lovely one in their garden. It will be missed.

  8. We had to cut down a pine tree in our yard. VERY sad day at our house that day. So I can empathize with you.
    Thanks for sharing your tree story.
    Grandma Nancy

  9. All this feedback is so interesting. Yes, it did come down to just being a good neighbor to a neighbor who has been a prince to us over the years and continues to be my computer savior! So when I asked if there was something I could do for him in return for all he's done for us and he said yes, please get rid of that tree, I had to comply.

    A good neighbor is most important. And the trees roots were invasive. I have no idea if we'd have realized that ourselves without the tree guys informative input. So perhaps we saved ourselves further problems down the line.

    It's gone. I will put some rings of wood from its trunk around my garden. We saved three big ones. They will make nice plant stands.

    And I get to keep my good neighbor in my good stead. We still have three gigantic redwood trees that so far no one has complained about in an opposite corner of the yard. And the never stop growing fig tree, which we will have, but not cut out come winter. And a dwarf peach tree, and a returning grapefruit tree.

  10. It is always sad when a healthy tree has to be cut down, but I can understand your reasons for doing it. I hope you plant something else in that area.

  11. Trees offer a lot of benefits. They offer shade, vegetation, provide oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide. Truly, trees are essential in our eco-system. But as you said, though it's sad to say goodbye to a beloved tree, it really needed to go especially when it's imposing danger and inconvenience. By the way, it's a good call to opt for professional tree cutters than trying to do it on your own.


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