Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Henry Returns!

We went away for ten days which meant Henry went to Pampered Pets Condo for the duration.
They are good to him there, but he is not crazy about being confined indoors in a small space.
Once home he adjusts by taking sheets and blankets out of the linen cupboard
and making himself a bed to enjoy!

Welcome Home Henry and Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Oh my, poor guy...he has a Garfield expression on his face....hope he's not plotting something... A good snuggle into the linens without interruptions should make him happy! Not sure he's impressed with having his photo taken today!! lol

    Hugs Giggles

  2. There's no place like home.. there's no place like home. :))) He looks comfy.

  3. Aww, but he doesn't look impressed, that expression says it all " You left me - you left me".

    Do you feel guilty yet, lol :)

  4. That Henry is such a card. I love to read about his antics. Welcome home Henry. He even has a pleasant look on his face. tee hee....

  5. Aw, he's one smart kitty. How does he pull the binkies out of the cabinet? With his mouth? Paws?

    1. He opens the cupboard with his paws. I have never caught him in the act of of emptying it, but I'm guessing he uses his paws to pull them out. Most of the time I just find my linens out on the floor.

  6. oh I love the look on his face - amazing. happy (in his own way) henry!


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