Sunday, October 6, 2013

Food Art

I finally gave in and bought a super fast blender/food processor combo! And so far I am very happy with my purchase. The old Hamilton Beach was fine for my morning smoothies, but this contraption promised to do more. Plus that fact that it has three single 16 oz. containers that utilize their own blade for making individual drinks or smaller sized chopping needs.

The fast pulse turned these orange sections into a fine juice with pulp, just like I like it, but I wasn't going to drink it, no, it was for a Vegan Chili dish I wanted to make.

The bowl attachment did a good job of chopping the heck out of the large red onion.

I guess I need to learn to take my finger off the pulse sooner, as the sweet potatoes chopped smaller than I would have liked. I may have to cut them by hand with a knife if I want larger chunks.

The taste is the same, large or small, and then I used my new Food Saver machine to vacuum seal  the pot of chili into meal sized bags and freeze until needed. I figure I have seven (7)  meals there. And I can open a bag and take out half the contents, seal it again for another day.

I cannot post the recipes on my blog, as I got them from Forks Over Knives website. But I can send you there to find them yourself. This is called Sweet Potato Chili with Kale by Chef AJ. Just look under the Recipe area on the top of the site.

The second dish I made the next day is called Mushroom-Basil Au Gratin by Cathy Fisher. Again you can find it under recipes at Forks Over Knives website

Prep for this is two fold. And again my new blender did an excellent job of turning cashew pieces into cashew dust for the sauce seen below.

I think by now you know I am quite smitten with my Spiralizer. I learned that potatoes cut thin slices using the single blade attachment, perfect for this dish. And with no effort at all.

Aren't they pretty when done? I had some left over so I baked them in the oven till crisp with some nutritional yeast and garlic powder on them. A nice snack.

Mushrooms needed to be slice by hand, but that goes fast. There weren't that many to do.

But the spiralizer single blade turned an onion into a fine string that was translucently beautiful to behold.

It all gets layered with some fresh basil which I adore, and organic Swiss Chard. And the cashew sauce. I'd add a little salt that is not in the recipe. I thought it needed it and I do not normally salt my food.

When I was cleaning out cupboards to make room for new appliances, although these two stay on the counter top not taking up all that much room, I found this old food chopper that belonged to my grandmother and grandfather. I have fond memories of watching them use it to chop freshly shelled walnuts in a wooden bowl. To chop white fish to make gifilta fish.

It has to be over 100 years old. I almost gave it to the thrift store with the other things I unloaded from my kitchen cupboards. But at the last minute I decided to keep It. I think it belongs to me and maybe, just maybe, one of my grandchildren will appreciate the family history attached to it and want it after I am gone.

So my food larder/freezer is full of dinners for several weeks.

And the dishes are done.

I am happy to be back in the kitchen. I'd given up cooking for the past 20 or so years. I'm having fun doing it once more and the convenience of new equipment makes it that much more enjoyable.
Bon appetite!
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  1. I have found your food journey interesting. New equipment looks great. I am glad you didn't get rid of your grandparents chopper. Maybe if you made something for your Grands using this chopper they would appreciate it and want it.

  2. Looking at all this cooking has made me feel hungry. Everything looks so delicious, I can almost smell it too, yum! I like the idea of the machine you have for sealing food into bags, that's a very useful gadget.

    1. Yes it is Ann. It allows food to last much longer than normal in the both the refrigerator and the freezer. And the bags you "make' using a roll on the machine can be reused too. So cost effective.
      I'm eating from one of my bags of chili tonight (Sunday) for dinner. And it does smell and taste wonderfully.

  3. I love having a freezer full of dinners ready to go at any time... such a sense of accomplishment!!! I have a NInja too and I love it!

    1. Glad to hear of another happy Ninja owner. I was trepedacious. My DIL swears by her Vitamix, but I was trying to not spend quite THAT much. And I think this thing does more. I am happy so far.

  4. it is so great that your cooking appetite has returned. i want to tell you about a guy i just love. i catch him on BYU Channel. his name is Chef Brad and his show was called Fusion Grain Cooking. you can search Chef Brad in YouTube and see all of his wonderful shows. my next peice of equipment w
    ill be an electric pressure cooker. each of his shws revolve around a particular grain. he uses agave to sweeten. some of his stuff may not been vegan, i know you would absolutely LOVE watching him.

  5. have no idea why that site address dropped in there. the sprouted barley show was the last one i had watched of his! definitly gonna try that bread oneday!!!!!

    1. I'll check into Brad, Julie, Thanks. But I am not eating breads/flour unless the "flour" is just ground nuts. I am eating whole grain steel oats and other grains like brown rice and Quinoa. And I am not eating Agave. The only sweetener I allow myself is organic maple syrup and so far just in my raw cocoa treats (see earlier post about those wonders). Thanks for sharing your tips. Much appreciated.

  6. Nice to have everything fixed and in the freezer for fast and easy meals. All the new gizmos have come a long way from your Grandmas day. :)

  7. good post !!!
    i am using a food processor and it has really impressed.


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