Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Introducing My Behind The Scenes Life Drawing Art; And What I drew the rest of the week!

This icon is now on my side bar, see it there (top right), it's the gateway to my
 Life Figure Drawing Art,
that I started doing in November 2014. I've gone to three 3.5 hour sessions to date. I want to share this art with anyone interested in seeing it. Just click on the icon of pens and it will take you to the page. I have made this a separate page from my main blog page, as a few people (2) have let me know they are not comfortable viewing art of nudes. So out of respect for their feelings I guide you to my page behind the scenes.
I will update there with new drawings 1-2 times a month.
Now onto my recent drawings for all to see:


Oh look, another cow!

 This was not an easy week ...

A not so easy assignment in Sketchbook Skool:

A weird day at Starbucks... My artist friend Joss Rossiter, who likes my Life Figure Drawings, suggested one of the nude models might just show up at Starbucks, and sure enough on Sunday, this one did! So in her honor I drew this. (she's not a real model, I just made her up)

There were lots of different discussions going on that day ...

Meanwhile, back in SBS and Boot Kamp:

My mid week jaunt to Tacos Jalisco where I was to meet my husband for lunch, but went early so I could draw!

(he wrote the "as usual" on that page above!)

A good week, a creative week. I hope yours was too!
Thanks for coming by to see my art.
I appreciate your visits and your comments.
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  1. Lovely to see all your drawings together this way :-)

  2. As always such a great collection of illustrations of the goings on in your life.

  3. Wow, so many great pieces together! I loved the Starbucks one, made me giggle. =)

  4. Great sketches, Lynn, as always. I really love the mountain goat. You do animals particularly well. I wish I could. I'm sure your nudes were tastefully done. I don't feel entirely comfy viewing nudes since modesty was pounded into my head as a child. But how else can one truly learn about figure drawing?

  5. I really like your work on apples, but I've been watching your estudisop on bare and I think that should not offend anyone, the nude in art is beautiful and nothing offensive. Saludos

  6. I love your little stories from the people in the drawing. I am sure its lots of fun coming up with them.


  7. You've had quite a week, Lynn!!! Love the nude at Starbucks...I don't think anyone would notice with their heads in their computers or their phones. lol I can see some change in your lifework...a lot more continuous and fluid. Nice!!! You have so many projects going on. I've been doing "30 Paintings in 30 Days" this month which is keeping me busy. I feel like I don't have much time to sketch lately.

  8. I LOVE your cow and goat! And, actually, your apples too. Joss is so funny, leave it to her:-)

  9. So cool! Wonderful, descriptive sketches! Happy PPF!

  10. Lots of fun sketches, love that you got the brand stamped on the cow even. :)

  11. wonderful sketches, you are so prolific as always!

  12. Fab sketches and paintings, thank you for sharing them!

  13. These are wonderful! I love the mountain goat especially!

  14. I love your sketches today, and how you added the stories!

  15. The humorous sketch and observation on the last Starbuck's page made me smile. Happy Sunday Sketches, my friend!

  16. Great sketches ~ one and all!
    So expressive and filled with good humor.

  17. Great journal pages, Lynn. Love the tea one and love all of your pens! :)

  18. love them all but the apple is my favorite this week :)


Thanks for leaving your comments as I love hearing from you. Your words of encouragement are why I continue to draw!