Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Heavy Week, Drawing Saves the Day!

  Last night I watched part of the Democratic National Convention. I drew Bill Clinton as he spoke about his wife in personal glowing terms; I cried when Bernie Sanders nominated Hillary Clinton, because I truly think he would have been the better candidate and President. But this is where we are. I was wowed by speeches by Michelle Obama and Cory Booker. I was pushed and pulled by Berners who want to go third party. History shows us that so far anyway, third party candidates do not make it to the top. I wish they could and did, but I fear a vote in their direction is a vote for the Other Side.
And I fear more than anything him getting elected and what our world will look like if that happens.
I will NOT vote for racism and bigotry, misogyny, or hate in any form. So I will vote for Hillary Clinton. Not my first choice, but now my only choice.
I feel good about the possibility that Bernie Sanders will have a good position to make many of his platform ideas come to fruition and that HC will help that along.
I am glad Elizabeth Warren will also be in position to help.
I think all in all we have a very good team.
Do I think the voting issues need addressing and cleaned up? Of course I do!
We have a lot to hope for and a lot of work to do to make things happen.
So I urge you to VOTE. Think and research and get the person most likely to make good things happen into that position.
Now I will put my soap box away and get on with drawing!

These two guys looked enough alike to be brothers, but their twin shoes cinched it. They were spanking new grey sport shoes with glow in the dark shockingly lime green laces!

Since I was on to siblings, I was sure this loner was also an only child. At least on this day he was!

But she I was sure had a sister in Jersey.

I've been spending as much time as possible in my garden. I drew my eggplant which is growing beautiful green leaves with purple veins and purple flowers, which hopefully will turn into eggplants before too long.

This guy looked a little forlorn, at least that is the way I drew him. He grabbed a seat will watching the long line of folks queuing up for their morning java.

And the lines seemed endlessly long ...

This couple had a couple of young kids in tow, however, they were elsewhere on their devices leaving the children to their own devices. The little girl looked particularly winsome and bored.

A gaggle of gals chatted and texted ...

guys and gals and more gals and guys ...

Another day a different pen!

There were a couple of mornings for various reasons we did not go out for coffee and drawing and I did no Ledger portraits for Sktchy this week either. Pardon the brevity of it all.
I hope to been in better spirits next week. There is always garden; and travel in my future!
Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your visits, and your comments encourage me to keep drawing!
Have a wonderful Creative Week yourselves!


  1. You always find interesting characters to sketch! Nice work! Good job on Bill. I hope Bernie's ideas are not lost. He had so many good ones. Hopefully Hilary will be affected by some of it and take it to heart. Loved Michelle's speech and Obama was great last night. The two of them are always such a class act.

    1. I just draw whoever is in front of me! I do find them interesting and that is why I draw them!
      Tonight HRC gave her acceptance speech and as you probably heard many of Bernie's platforms were included in hers! So I trust she will follow through! His work was not in vain. Yes Michelle and Barak both knocked it out of the ball park with their speeches! I also was impressed by Cory Booker!

  2. Love all the characters you sketched. I am not a fan of Hilary Clinton, but she would be my choice if I lived there, too, as the 'Other One' is such a horrible threat. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

    1. Thanks Valerie! I've had to segue in this direction, however that said, tonight I was impressed by her acceptance speech, as it had most of Bernie Sanders platforms! And yes her opponent is unsuitable to say the very least!

  3. I like your portrait of Clinton, because it truly looks like him. I found Michelle Obama's speech very poignant too. The Democratic C had a lot of other positive and strong speeches to, such as the president's, Kaine's, and the guest speakers. I am not sure if I'll go with Gary Johnson or Hillary Clinton yet, but I am definitely NOT voting for the dangerous hater. Peace, my friend!

    1. Peace! Thanks! Since I can't vote for Bernie I will put my trust and vote for Hillary! She says she'll follow his platforms! Rome wasn't built in a day, but I see more bricks from her hand than Trumps! I too am turned off by his divisiveness and hate mongering!

  4. Great sketch of Bill Clinton. He did give a great speech.

  5. Definitely with you, I was Bernie all the way, and even did some campaigning. What I have learned there made me so disgusted with Hill and Co and the entire toxic hateful Dem/political establishment that i sincerely don't care anymore about the presidency. And certainly I care less for the noise that comes out of their mouths, pretty though i'm sure it was. I'm pretty sure that Hill will win which is one reason I just don't buy into the whole trump hysteria. She and her machine will bulldoze over all the voters the way she did over all the dems who wanted a better non-warmongering non-corporate-bought candidate - as much as they continue whingeing via email to get our donations

    88% of congressional seats are coming up for reelection, and everyone should concentrate on that anyway, and maybe we can weed out the deadwood then and next time we have a rational Presidential choice s/he'll make it. One can only dream anyhow. And even if the unthinkable happens and Drumpf gets it, having others on hand to stop his foolishness will make it sort of not count. Anyway, something for us political junkies to look forward to

    hah almost forgot to comment re your aweseome drawings! I always love the sense of narrative they create. I actually think that's a brilliant portrait of Bill - also so interesting all the drawings of people's backs! Like they're all going somewhere. Symbolic, somehow

    1. Thanks for your input on the politics! I really do not intend to make my blog a soap box but am having trouble staying mute on the subject! Although art is my real agenda here!
      Glad you liked Bill and my other Oreos backs! I agree we are all going somewhere! 😊

  6. unfortunately "bigotry, misogyny, or hate" is part of her ways as well. Both parties have only hideous people, that is sad and embarrassing :o(

    1. I didn't post my sentiments here in hopes of having to argue or defend my opinion. I simply stated my opinion and reasons for my choices. That said I must humbly disagree with your opinion here. Now I will get back to drawing and do my best to not turn my blog into a political soap box.

  7. You have certainly captured Friday at Starbucks beautifully and in watercolors to beat. I had such a good tie looking at all of your pictures and loved reading about your thought about the convention. I looked too, and doodled the entire time practicing y stippling. Bill has aged so much and really is looking a bit frail to me. And when Bernie's brother spoke, I cried. I love that fellow. Glad he is still very involved. Adore Elizabeth Warren. She has my spunk which has not waned with age. Tell it like it is and then move on. This is one election where I may well get our and beat down the doors and try to get people registered and help getting them out to vote. It is our children's and grandchildren's lives we are talking about. My days are numbered now. I have been to the top of the mountain and am on my way down going way too fast, but they are all still climbing to the top. Loved your post...words and pictures. Thanks for you kind words for me and mu beach scene. genie

    1. Thanks Genie, I agree about Bill. I hope his vegan diet sustains his health! Love your imagery of having gotten to the mountain top! I too hope and talk for the welfare of our kids and grandkids! I hear you!

  8. These are wonderful, Lynn! You are unstoppable! Yes, I was so sad, too, about Bernie's leaving the race. Tonight we watched his KickOff for the Our Revolution he's begun. Always a powerful and brilliant speaker, we were so uplifted and inspired by his urging the country to step up to the plate and now become the change we want to see. I know his message would've been muted somewhat if he'd been president, and now he can work from outside the White House to inspire change. Might be more powerful "leading" the parade, do you think?


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